December 16, 2008

You just got Rondo'd

Is there any doubt now that Rondo isn't a top five, if not two or three, point guard in the league today? The guy is leading the Celtics to hopefully a record-breaking season. Maybe he isn't a deep threat, but there isn't a better drive 'n' dish guy in the league. He distributes the ball so well that every time you double him in the paint he's alleyooping to K.G. for a posterized slam. His numbers don't really jump out at you like a Chris Paul but 10.9 PPG, 5 boards, and 7.4 assists are more than enough to keep the Celtics monster rolling. The guy is a triple double waiting to happen almost every night. When he has down games he still holds onto the ball better than any other point guard in the game. He also has the most defined shoulder muscles I've ever seen on a human being. Guy looks like a transformer with wings. I'm a little concerned about the win streak taking a hit if Pierce is out after Mehmet Okur "Bernard Pollard'd" his ass, but I'm sure Rondo will step it up if need be with his scoring. Bottom line Celtics are on pace to break the '95 Bulls 72 win season and haven't played their best ball in Doc's eyes.

December 11, 2008

Burn Ett Burn It All!

The Yanks are making waves again this week with a proposed 5 year 85 mil offer to often injured seldom on the mound A.J. Burnett. While the Braves are said to be in the hunt for A.J. as well I'm glad the Sox are going to sit out on this one. The guys only started more than 30 games twice in his career and his elbow has been banged up more over his career than Jenna Jameson. Last year was the first time he had won more than 12 games in a season. Not that money is the issue here, but what kind of investment is this guy. To me it seems like he pitches out of his mind in contract years and is dinged up the rest of the time while he's collecting checks and having his wife take limos from Baltimore to Toronto. Now adding Burnett make the Yankees a force to be reckoned with, don't get me wrong, but how does this help them get over their playoff hump. Neither guy really scares me in a 7 game series. I'll take Beckett and Lester or Dice K over these pretenders any day.
While the Yanks clean up the underachieving, tommy john surgery having, pre-madonna pitchers the Sox will have to settle for a stud first baseman with Triple Crown potential and a gold glove. Ho Hum! My only wonder now is if Pedro will come back where he belongs.

December 10, 2008

Get this guy a Cheese Burger

Well the Yanks set their line in the sand and vastly overpaid for C.C. Sabathia. Now I know this strikes mass panic in the hearts of Red Sox nation because Sabathia has owned the Sox over his career especially in the playoffs. I mean everyone knows C.C. dominated the National league over the second half of the season last year and carried the Brewers to the playoffs. He's a Cy Young Winner and three time All-Star how can you go wrong signing this guy. He'll instantly give you the poised postseason horse your franchise desperately needs right?

Wait. What's that you say? He actually has only one win in five career postseason starts and a whopping 7.92 ERA. Ohh and his numbers in two games started in the 2007 ALCS against the Sox are horrific (2 starts 2 loses, 10.45 ERA 10 innings pitched, 17 hits, and 12 earned runs with 7 walks and 9 K's). Well maybe they did over pay a little $160 million or give him too many years 7...SEVEN years! I'm sure it will all work out in the end, Ehhhm Carl Pavano. Good luck NY way to spend in a down market.

December 9, 2008

Pats and Present

Now I don't know about the rest of you Pats fans out there, but this season has been a fun ride. Sunday's late comeback win over the lowly Seahawks lead by (Gulp!) Seneca Wallace is case-in-point. Typical of this Pats season the perceived strength with the lose of Brady the "Bend and then Break" Pats D looked lost at times and couldn't stop the pass. Now I know this is the NFL and every team has talent, but Deion "F'n" Branch shouldn't be torching your secondary; unless this is 2003 and Tom Brady is sporting a playoff beard. The lose of Bruschi will hurt the Pats run D immensely, but honestly he wasn't much of a factor this year in the pass game. Not that Junior or Rosie are washed up, but I don't see them contributing much to the pass D either. Although it was good to have them once Teddy went down with what looked like a nasty knee injury. Another huge hit was the shoulder injury to Vinny Wilfork. This one could be devastating. I consider Vinny the catalyst of this D, because when he's stopping the run and eating up double and triple teams the Pats D rolls. Ty Warren missed his third game as well; LeKevan Smith is only going to take you so far. Ohh, James Sanders went down too, so we got that going for us.
On the bright side Brandon Merriweather, who was the draft pick that came to the Pats in return for Deion Branch, showed some clutch. I really think this guy is going to be a big play maker. I just wish he had picked-off Eli back in February so we could have started the Hall-O-Fame talk. The offense lead by Cassel and Wes Welker continued to make big plays and keep the Pats in this game. Anyone else think Welker deserves some MVP mention?

For now the Pats destiny lies in others hands. The Jets or Dolphins win their next three and they're in. The Pats have to win and take care of business in the next three at Oakland, home vs. Arizona, and at the Bills. All three of these are games the Pats should win, but do they have enough bullets left in the chamber?

December 3, 2008

MOnster (Jim) EDitions

Hall of Fame balloting for the Class of 2009 includes first timer Mo "Hit Dawg" Vaughn and once again the one the only Jim Rice. Honestly I don't see why both don't get the nod this year. Maybe I'm a little biased being a Sox fan, but you have two MVP caliber hitters (Rice '78 & Vaughn '95) who undoubtedly were top 5 players of their generations.

The 8x All-Star Rice has been held out of the Hall, some say, due to his rocky relations with reporters during his playing days. He has never apologized for his actions and certainly won't make any excuses for being a cocky S.O.B., that's what makes Jim Ed Jim Ed. You have to wonder if Vaughn's steroid use late in his career is going to hurt him when it comes time to vote. There is however no evidence that Vaughn was juicing during his prime years with the Sox and that may benefit him unlike Jose Canseco or Mark McGwire.
Both men are the prototypical power hitters. The guys who are there to clean up the base paths with just one swing. If you look at their numbers it is hard to deny their contributions to the Red Sox and Major League Baseball.

Rice's Career Numbers: .298 BA, 382 HR's, 1,451 RBI's, 1978 MVP, 8x All-Star
Interesting Stat: Rice remains the only player ever to lead his league, and Major League Baseball in triples, home runs, and RBIs in the same season 1978.
Hall O' Fame Worthy Stat: Only nine other retired ballplayers rank ahead of him in both career home runs and batting average. They are: Hank Aaron, Jimmie Foxx, Lou Gehrig, Mickey Mantle, Willie Mays, Stan Musial, Mel Ott, Babe Ruth, and Ted Williams.

Vaughn's Career Numbers: .293 BA, 328 HR's, 1,064 RBI's 1995 MVP, 3x All-Star
Interesting Stat: Hit one of the most prodigious home runs in Shea Stadium history (in the middle of the "Bud" Sign on the monstrous Shea scoreboard)
Hall O' Fame Worth Stat: One of less than 260 Major Leaguers to have over 1000 career rbi's. Ranks 91st on All-Time HR list.

It looks like Jim Ed might finally get in for his contributions in 2009 with over 70% of the vote in the 2008 balloting. If someone like Don Mattingly gets in over Rice this year it will prove that the voters are being subjective and holding a mans personal short comings in higher esteem then his on-field achievements, which is wrong on so many levels. I don't see how a bunch of writers get the say on it anyhow when most have never tried to hit a 90 mph fastball. I probably can see Mo getting passed over due to the stigma of the steroid era and his penchant for late night strip club runs. The Hit Dawg has been very charitable in his time away from the game (not just to single mommas trying to earn a buck) and owns a number of inner city buildings in New York and that should reflect well on his chances down the road. Hopefully for both these feared sluggers the Hall is only a call away. I know I'll always remember the Mo Vaughn era it was the begining of the prime of my Red Sox fanhood.

December 2, 2008

London is Calling

After a horrible lose to the Steelers the Pats playoff hopes are in limbo. Some say the need to win out the rest of their schedule to make it to the dance. 4-0 with this team is hard to imagine, but it certainly has been a strange season. Now in the wake of this huge lose the team learns Old Uncle Roger and the NFL have chosen the Pats to play in London next year. Mr. Kraft isn't too pleased, but hey it beats China. I hope Tommy's prepping the knee because Cassel is sure as hell going to get a hefty paycheck from some bottom feeder this off-season. With a West-Coast swing in the next two weeks we'll see who the Pats are playoff contenders or overachievers. Either way it has been a fun ride reminiscent of the old days where the Pats were not the hated powerhouse.

November 18, 2008


Great news today from MLB. Dustin Pedroia is your 2008 AL MVP! I'll write that again Dustin Pedroia is your 2008 AL MVP. Believe it! They said he wasn't big enough. They said he didn't have the athletic ability to play at the big league level. They said his big swing approach wasn't right for a guy his size. Well haters put that in your pipe and smoke it. Pedroia epitomizes the player that Theo (and Moneyball) looks for scrappy guys who work the count, are always on base, and give you the pop when you need it. He also won a gold glove and the silver slugger award this year (only the 8th player to do so in history) so maybe he's not a five tool player, but he certainly is at 4.75 tools in only his second year. Think about that it is only his second year. We haven't seen this type of kid since Nomar and I don't even want to think of what he's capable of once he gets some years under his belt.
Maybe he's not your prototypical MVP like an A-Rod who bashes 45-50 bombs, and knocks in 120 runs, but he showed late in the season why he is so valuable. When the Sox needed someone to step up with Manny off in LA LA land he was there. When they needed a spark after the All-Star break he provided it. Maybe Youk is more versatile and has a bit more pop in his bat and maybe he too deserved it, but if you watched this year's Sox you knew who they belonged to. Pedroia. He's the first Sox to win the award since Mo "The Hit Dawg" Vaughn in '95. He's also the first AL second baseman to win the award since 1959; which is fitting since he reminds me of throw back players. Pedroia is the player you can tell your kids you saw a guy who never made excuses for his shortcomings and never let anyone tell him what he was capable of. If he listened to the critics he never would have made it this far it's almost as if they fuel his desire to compete at such a high level. Well drink up Dustin because the Sox will need you more than ever next year if the Captain leaves. Does anyone else feel weird that a Red Sox player ran away with the MVP? I mean who would have predicted a guy like Pedroia to win an MVP in a million years? I'm just glad he's on our side because I would hate to see this guy kick our cans every year. Yes, I'm talking to you Yankees fan. Goodnight and God Bless you all!

November 13, 2008

Pats vs. Bills was like old times

My pops scored a couple tickets to the Pats vs. Bills last Sunday and what a day it was. My buddies also made it on an ourticketsandtours bus trip and we caught up with them for some adult beverages before hand. Needless to say there were some great sights other than the Pats owning the clock on offense for the majority of the game.

I was lucky enough to see the greatest throw-back Pats jersey combo ever i.e. Bledsoe/Meggett mint condition. There were a ton of great comments about tossing and receiving. Many of which I do not wish to post online. Yes even I have a bit of humility and good taste.

After playing 300 level seat survivor my dad and I decided to try to see my buddy and his dad in their season tickets section in front of the mega-tron and Mickey D's. We ended up seeing this Bills waterboy 16 rows back from the end zone. Classic! Then after the game I got to meet up with Shoe one half of the BigJab 96.3 morning show. There were numerous Bob Kraft impression requests and surmising the Pats stand at Indy in 2003 where McGinest blew a hammy for an injury timeout and on the very same goal line stand stuffed Edgerin James with the help of Mt. Ted Washington's arm.

Lastly if anyone follows the Stool I ran into "Big Daddy Smooth" and gave him the cut throat sign yes he was wearing the tri-jersey. Guys becoming a straight up legend.
Pats are looking really good with BJ G-Ellis running the ball. He fits the system, hits the holes, and finishes off runs. I'm sure Belichick is sticking with him the rest of the way. Casselhof is quietly proving all the critics wrong. This week they say he doesn't have the experience of playing on short rest against the Jets. Well, I guess we will have to see how he matches up against their pass D with the new addition of Ty Law. Speaking of secondaries the Pats shut down Lee Evans who is averaging like 20 yards-per-catch and a td in every game this season. They may not have the experience hard hitter Rodney back there but they def are quick with Sanders and Merriweather. Looking forward to tonights game and seeing Favre throw 4 picks to hand the Pats a victory.

November 4, 2008

Who's the real Maverick?

Well I have to apologize to my hoards of readers, all two of you, I haven't been keeping up on things with "To Be the Man...". Ever since the Sox failed to create another improbable chapter in baseball history things haven't seemed the same. I mean sure the Pats are playing well, winning games they should and being competitive with Casselhof at the helm. The C's are back and hoisted banner 17. All should be well, but there is still a great moment that weights on my mind. Who will be the our next president?

Sure McCain has the experience and spent more time in a viet cong box then Kim Jong Ill. Yes he'd make a great choice for president if you want four more years of Republican b.s., but I digress I don't want to rant. I just want people to think about who they want to lead our country. I value someone with solid fundamentals, a great defensive strategy, a knowledgeable distributor who can change direction on a dime, and man with a solid bounce pass. Yes a man who can school you in a game of pick-up b-ball. No not Larry Legend, although he would make a solid candidate in 2012. I know he'd have my vote and French Licks.

I'm talking the Man, the Myth, the Legend...That's right. OBAMA!

October 17, 2008


Benjamin: Some Sox are superstitious, too...

Drew gets a lifetime Red Sox Nation pass...

Paps is comfortable (don't doubt the Sox!)...

Ryan confirms this is a BIG win in Sox lore



October 16, 2008

De Ja Vu All Over Again

I'm ready for the Sox to take on the Rays tonight in a do or die game with Dice K on the mound. I know Tek is ready after reading this. I know the Sox are ready after nearly ever player was at today's "Optional" practice. They are going to leave it all out there for however many games it takes. I know this team and they won't quit.
While the Rays decided to take a day off yesterday and to move up Kazmir to tonight. Why? Why would Maddon change his rotation when he has the Sox down for the count? He's scared of the Sox. He knows his rookie team can't keep up the hitting and doesn't want Kaz to throw against the sleeping giant that is the Sox offense in a pivotal game 6 (if necessary). They threw out some excuse that Kaz has a history against the game 6 umpire, but why would you worry about game six when all you need is game 5? You're scared Maddon. You're very very scared of what could happen to your young, cocky, overconfident squad. You've seen the Sox come back form the dead last year. You know what is coming. Just take it like a man.
basically the message tonight for the Rays from Tek and the Sox is...


October 15, 2008

So you're telling me there's a chance.

There hasn't been much to blog about the past couple of days the Sox lost their thunder the Pats got handled by their rivals the Chargers. Things seem all doom and gloom in the nation. But, then something like this happens and the voice in my head says there is still a chance the a big chance that the Sox will steal this series.

Kazmir will start Game 5
In a surprise move, Tampa Bay Rays manager Joe Maddon announced this morning that he will start Scott Kazmir in Thursday's Game 5 of the ALCS at Fenway Park. James Shields was pushed back to Game 6.

To the fans ready to jump. Act like you've been there before. I remember this same bull$shit last year with the Indians. What are we going to do they are so much younger and more athletic then the Sox they have a better staff. Blah Blah Blah. Dice K, Beckett, and Lester in the clutch. I'll take those odds. You know the Sox are taking game 5 in a big way. This team has come to far to quit now. Plus Sr. Octobre had a bit of a slump buster in his last ab if you were still watching. Time to check yourself and find out if you're a real Sox fan. Because I know I haven't quit on this team. KEEP THE FAITH!

October 11, 2008

Loaded Dice K

I can say as a Sox fan I have seen cleaner performances (Big Schill '04). I can say I've seen better pitchers (Pedro '98-'99). But, I can't say I've seen a guy flirt with a no-no after that wild and wacky a first inning. If there were any questions as to who Dice K is I think they were answered. He isn't going to wow you but he will hit the corners and drive you crazy all night. As a hitter you must think you have a great shot against him with all the walks he deals out, but then he finds a way to throw the smoke-and-mirrors at you. Next thing you know he's no hit you through 6 innings in game one of the ALCS. When all the cards are on the table I'll take the Dice man any day. In the end all I can say about his performance is WOW. Very unconventional pitcher, but what a horse. He doesn't back down to any hitter and doesn't change his approach. What a gem. Guts of a burglar indeed.
By the way Carl Crawford nice catch. I thought you were better than Gary Matthews defensively. I guess I was wrong.

October 10, 2008

Sweep Their A$$es!!!!

This means WAR! SOX IN 4!! Sweep their A$$es!
You can actually order this $hit at I might get one just to burn as kindling once the U.S. infrastructure collapses and the armagedon pops off.

Thanks to Barstool for bringing this Bush League shirt to my and Red Sox Nation's attention.

It's time to get NASTY!

If you're like me you are probably not getting much work done with the Sox vs. Rays ALCS match up on the mind. Well don't worry the world economy is about to crash and we will all be returning to caveman days so stock up on perishables and get your firearms ready. But, I'm getting off track here.

As for the Rays.
You know something Mean Gean! The Pythons are ready. The juices are flowing. You punks better get ready for the Soxster and Sox-amania to run wild all over you Brother! Don't fool yourselves, Nasty Knobbs ain't gonna be able to save your hides either. Get ready for Papi's 24 inch pythons.

October 9, 2008

Bulletin Board Material

Well it looks as if the Rays are getting a little too big for their britches. These are not the greatest pieces of bulletin board material, but it shows the Rays are not "Acting like they've been there before." We've seen this before haven't we? A young team with a bunch of momentum and nothing to lose. (Cleveland and The Rockies last year.) I think we know how well that turned out.

"We don't want to get ahead of ourselves," left fielder Carl Crawford said, "but we definitely feel good about our chances." -AP Reminds me of no-name Rams player "I like our chances" line during the 2001 Pats win.

"We don't feel any pressure. The pressure is on them (Red Sox)" -(Freddy Garcia) Uhh Matt Garza (ALDS Stats: 7 hits, 5 EARNED runs, 4 walks) Don't even get me started.

"Please, ask around," Floyd said. "Call the other general managers and ask them what they think. And if they say anything other than this team is stacked, not just for this year but years to come, then maybe they shouldn't be a GM." - Cliff Floyd Cliffy buddy your lucky if you even get to pinch hit in this series yah bum.

"We just know what to expect out of them," Really you know what to expect from the Sox? This is the playoffs! You know what to expect hunh? Pal you gave up 2 runs 8 hits and only made it 5 innings your last start. Son, you have no idea what your up against. - Scott Kazmir

Face it Tampa Bay Rays your middle relief scares me more than your supposed stud pitching staff. Sox have pressure on them hunh. I know the Rays were 8-1 at home against the Sox. But, if the Sox they take one of the first two games at your pinball stadium who's the pressure on? Because the Sox then get to smack the Rays around at Fenway for three games; where the Sox have are 7-2 this year against the Rays.
Hah Pressure you wouldn't know pressure if it shat on your chest.

Papelbon, whose fastball consistently hits 98 mph, has given up nine hits, struck out 16 and walked five in the postseason."I don't know about other guys, but me? I love pressure," Papelbon said."When I get in those pressure situations, it gets me going. That's my comfort zone. If it wasn't, I wouldn't be in this job." - LA Times

October 8, 2008

Sox kept rollin

After dismanteling the "better team" the Sox are now on to their biggest challenge the pesky Rays. The Rays did win the season series and the division, but they can't match the experience of the Sox. This will be the biggest test for the Sox because the Rays have good starters, a deeper middle relief crew, and a serviceable closer in Percival. But, If the White Sox can take a game from these kids then you know the Sox can do some damage.

Let's look at the match up. Ultimately the Sox have the better offense. If Papi (.235 1 RBI 4 K's in ALDS) and Pedroia (.059 1 RBI in ALDS) can start providing some pop this series the Sox will have a much easier time with the Rays. It will take a lot more than a combined 2 RBI's and a couple of walks from them to get the job done. I was a little surprised to see Dice starting game 1 but he can do it. I like Beckett getting some rest before game two and Lester (3-0, 0.90 ERA vs. Tampa in '08) in the pivotal game 3 at Fenway where has owned all season (also game 7 @ TB if needed). Francona feels throwing the vet Wake is the way to go. I think it is wise to have him go at Fenway (even though he was 9-0 up until last year this year he has lost two at the Trop and he has a 5.87 ERA with 12 runs 10 earned given up there.) He has mostly dominated the Rays over his career except for this season and hopefully will have that knuckler floating like a butter fly for game 4.

The key for the Sox in my opinion will be limiting the damage of young studs Longoria and Upton. Longoria hit bombs in his first two post-season ab's and went hit less in his last 8. Upton had 3 HR's and was 4-9 with 4 RBI's against the Pale Hoes in the ALDS. These guys are young so keeping them quite early will set the tone for the rest of the series. Aki Iwamura has also been a thorn in the Sox side. Sometimes guys step up against the Sox like Enrique Wilson. While the Rays starters are good they were hit by the White Sox in the ALDS. Each of their four starters gave up at least two runs. It will be their relievers that win them the series. Balfour, Wheeler, Howell, and Bradford have been pitching over their heads this season and could be the key to this series. Percival is a veteran, but I have to give the Sox the huge edge with Paps.

Overall it looks like a pretty even series I'd say the Sox have the momentum off the emotional Angles series though as well as uber-playoff-experience. In the end I feel this series will go 7 strong. I see the Sox pulling it out with Lester (projected) on the hill building on his legend. Eventhough my gut says Sox in 5 and my balls say Sox in 4.

You're a Real Man Manny!

Apparently Tim McCarver has a problem with Manny tanking it for the Sox and now playing like a MANny possessed. Big surprise coming from the baseball purest. I'm just glad the games will be on TBS. I know TBS is sloppy, but McCarver is the most biased color guy I've heard. Plus once he starts telling stories about how he caught Bob Gibson's no hitter or how he beat Ty Cobb in a tobacco spitting contest or even the one about the time he banged Elanor Roosevelt. Buck and McCarver are hands down my least favorite announcers and if his words on the Manny situation any hint of what we will hear during the potential/probable Sox vs. Dodgers World Series then we are in for a lecture. Now I'm not happy about Manny leaving or the fact that he is killing it for the Dodgers. But if your McCarver it a little late to start throwing daggers? Well I hate McCarver and most Sox fans I know are aware of bias against the Sox. McCarver just stay out of this one because the dozen games you've covered the Sox during the Manny era don't make you an expert. Shut your mouth or Fox will be forced to replace you with another announcer who hasn't been relevant in a million years. Joe Morgan.

“It’s extraordinary — the dichotomy between what he was in Boston and what he is in Los Angeles,” McCarver said. “I mean, talk about wearing out your welcome in a town, and it was a long welcome with the Red Sox [team stats]. But some of the things he did were simply despicable, “despicable — like not playing, refusing to play. Forgetting what knee to limp on. And now it’s washed, it’s gone.” -

Hopefully Manny dumps his bong water all over McCarver after the Dodgers beat Philly in the NLCS.
"You're a real Man Manny!"

October 7, 2008

You'll always have Disney Land Anaheim

Cheer up Anaheim at least you had the best record in the AL this year (choked in the playoffs again!).

There is nothing to be ashamed of. (kill yourself).

You're a gracious loser John Lackey. (Eat a dick)

See you next year! (Probably with a third WS trophy in 4 years!).

Hit the MUSIC!

October 6, 2008

Hell with the Halos

I swear to gahd that Scioscia and his pitching coach are bagging each other. I'm pretty sure Mike is the dominant male and his pitching coach is the one taking the docking. Def a pillow bitter that guy Butcher.
Do you see Francona and Millsey arguing every call? Do you see Francona calling the pitches Lester throws? Do you see the Sox hitters arguing every close call...Well maybe Youk, but that's just Youk. Scioscia cracks the whip on Napoli more than Chip Caray's voice on a cool October evening. Jesus let the guy call his own game and cough up some bombs to Pedroia and Papi. Just give it up pal. Don't think the Sox didn't hear about your little guarantee either Mikey.
2-0 Sox as I type. Pedroia breaks out of his coma.
Viva El "To be the Man. You have to Beat The MAN!"

If you're going to San Francisco

Can you say statement game?! For anyone wondering, Belichick always gets his team ready after a bye week. Especially after the pounding the Pats took from the Fins two weeks ago. I was looking forward to see the Pats defense rebound from that terrible performance. They didn't fail me. Really they were barely on the field and when they were they got great pressure on O'Sullivan and made him make some big mistakes. The pick by Merriweather is a reassuring sign that he may blossom into the guy "Who We THOUGHT HE WAS!".

The bigger story of the day was the Pats offense. They dominated the line of scrimmage and basically did what they wanted all day. Cassel proved he can be a better than average game manager and the offense fed off his poise in the pocket. The biggest thing that stood out to me in this game was the Pass to Moss. Finally the Pats stopped being predictable. Maybe they had tried to go deep to Moss in the prior weeks, but this was the play they desperately needed so defenders wouldn't be able to stack the line and make Cassel try to beat them with his arm. Well he did beat the Niners with that arm and hopefully this momentum carries into the Charges game next week. I think this trip will be a good chemistry builder for a team trying to find an identity. With Cassel being a young QB there is no better way to prove yourself with back-to-back wins on the road. Hopefully the Chargers D is as porous as the Niners. If the Pats hold the ball on offense for 40 minutes things will be golden. It was good to see the Pats establish that they are not going to quit or make excuses for this season. They are going to continue to play tough football and this game proves it.

Lackey v. Lester II

It is kind of hard to be pissed about last night's game. It was a tough game. The fact is the Sox had no business being in that game. The Angels were being "The Angels" early in the game by muffing a week pop-up turning it into a three run single. The Sox showed the pen is strong and just couldn't get the big hit they needed even though the Halos gave them ample 2 out runners on opportunities. As for the Napoli homers..."The Wall giveth. The Wall taketh away." The Monster can change a game and it certainly did last night. I'm not too worried about Mike Napoli.

I have no doubts that tonight will be a different story. Did the Sox give the Halos some momentum? Yes! Have no fear though that Lester will step it up as Beckett (looked rusty and out of shape) failed to do last night. Tonight would be a great time for Pedroia to break out of his playoff slump and also a great night to get Lowell some rest. Will the Mayor get some playing time??? I think it would be a great lift to have him in there tonight to give the team a spark. The Halos stole some momentum last night hopefully the Sox can right the course and get back on track.
With Lester on the hill things should return to normal for the Halos pathetic offense. The Sox offense probably needed this extra game to get Papi and Pedroia going, because you want to be sharp against the Rays, or even the Pale Hoes. Hopefully I can stay up to watch the end of this one.

October 3, 2008

Roll the Dice

If Dice is about half as pumped up as the Ultimate Warrior this game is over. One thing is for sure Dice certainly has a better handle on the English language than Warrior.

If we take down the Angels tonight it's a sweep right?

October 2, 2008

Living After Midnite! Rocking till the Dawn!

Watch out Anaheim you just got Jacked UP! John Lester man I knew he would come out and grind, but he was straight grooving last night. The first inning was the only inning where he really had any total lack of control, but once the nerves settled Lester decided he belonged. Not even a costly error in the 3rd by Lowrie shook him. He did what an Ace does and picked up his teammate.

(Man-crush Alert) have really enjoyed watching this kid blossom because it hasn't happened really since Clemens. Not counting Paps, who didn't pitch too bad himself last night fanning three to seal the V. When was the last time the Sox farm system produced a stud starter and a lefty at that.
Did I expect Lester to take over the ACE roll? I'm not going to lie I didn't feel 100% about yesterday. Today I'm a total believer this kid is poised and I hate to say it reminds me of Clemens. He is stronger than he looks and has actually put on a significant amount of muscle just over the year. Buck Martinez, annoying voice with great insight, said it best Lester gets stronger as the game goes on. Last year he would gas out in that sixth inning this year he gets some big outs with the Angles able to do little to stop his dominance. Do I feel confident about him taking the hill in a big spot again? You bet your fun loving ass I do! Ohh and we have Dice in game 2 and then Dunh Dunh Dunh Beckett in game 3. If the Angles don't win Friday night against Dice they have NO Chance! No Chance in Hell!
What the hell happened to Vlad Guerro and why didn't Scioscia pinch run for him in that spot. I thought this was an agressive team. The guy runs like Robo Cop running on a couple of AA batteries. Huge play by Youk (horrible human being), but that is some bad judgement by a franchise player.
On a TBS note:
What the hell does Craig Sager know about baseball. Shouldn't he be hanging with Chuck Barkley at the Mirage in Vegas this time of year? Where the hell was Jose Mota, quite possibly the funniest sideline reporter my eyes have ever beheld. TBS we need him butchering names and coach interviews between innings. It is the least you can do for the 10 p.m. start. I can't say how much a loss would have hurt after watching that game until 1:30 a.m. eastern time.
Manny being Manny:
Lastly Manny is playing his ass off for L.A. and Joe Torre glad the Sox gave him away and paid for him to mash for the Dodgers in the playoffs. Jason Bay's heroics are the only thing weening me off not seeing Manny admire a 475 foot bomb in the Cali air. Cubs fans I feel for you hang in there Really. Don't jump.

October 1, 2008

We're gonna elbow these Halos right here

Anyone else as pumped up as I am for tonight. Granted the game starts at ten so I may do a little more pre-gaming than usual. I'm about as pumped up as this guy is to give this table a flying elbow drop. OHhhhhhhhhhhhYEAHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Watch out Anaheim because this ain't all palm trees and sunshine the Sox are about to bring the Pain! STROKE!

Macho Man's Elbow Drop @ Yahoo! Video

Man I got the munchies lets get some FREnch Toast

Haven't talked about the Darrius Miles signing. Don't really care either way if it works it works if not oh well. The C's will just have to win another championship.

Just thought I would share this hilarious headline:
"Miles still hungry"

The Herald obviously planned this right?

California Dreamin.

ALDS Game one looms over the nations collective head today. In a little less than 12 hours the Sox will hand the ball to John Lester and let their play do the talking. Will Drew or Lowell start? Who knows. Personally I think Drew starts and maybe sucks it up and pretends he has a pair. Lowell explained his injury as "fine while he's sitting on the couch" so I don't expect to see him flashing the glove too much in this series.

This bring up a big debate do you DH Lowell start Papi at first and move Youk to third. This severely downgrades your defense against an aggressive Angles club. I say you save Lowell to pinch hit in a big spot if you need him get him some rest. DH Papi where he is most at home and start "The Mayor" at first. What? you say. The MAYOR? Avid blogger Sean Casey? Yes, what has he done not to get the nod at first. Look at his numbers in almost 200 at bats this year:

2008 STATS
.322 0 17 .381 .392

Granted he's not hitting for power and is by no means a burner on the base paths, but the guy is a solid gap hitter and he knows how to get on base. Look at his post-season numbers if you need anymore proof:

3 Postseason Series w/ Detroit Tigers in 2006 - Team Record: 2-1 Games: 10 AB:37 Runs: 3 Hits: 16 2b's: 5 Hr's: 2 RBI's:9 Walsk: 1 K's: 2 Avg: .432 OBS: .447 Slug: .730

I say he's a better impact player than Drew will be in this series. If you're counting on Nancy to hit another grand slam it ain't gonna happen. He's been getting a pass for hitting one huge home run, but what has he done this year since his unreal July? Sat on the bench nursing his sore back. Maybe he is more seriously injured so why waste his bat in the lineup. I saw start Bay, Ellsy, and CoCo and use Drew when he feels he can contribute. It would be good to have his lefty bat and Lowell's righty bat off the bench.

We will, We will, Rock You Anaheim it just won't feel right without Manny kicking your cans all over the place...

September 29, 2008

Time to put on your Big Boy pants.

Soxtober is upon us and the Sox roster is shaping up. Though the Sox don't have to report their roster until tomorrow by midnight. The injury to Beckett on Friday concerns me, but Lester has been the guy all year and Beckett never fully got back to "I'm going to pound the strike zone and there's nothing you can do about it." level by seasons end.

Ideally, I would have liked Beckett in game one due to his post-season record and sheer dominance then having Dice go game two on the road and Lester pitch in the comfortable confines of Fenway where he has dominated. (Lester is 11-1 in 17 Fenway starts with a 2.49 ERA. Matsuzaka is 9-0 in 13 road starts with a 2.37 ERA.) I know Lester did pitch well in last year's postseason run, winning game four to take the series from the Rocks, but there will be a ton of pressure flying over to Anaheim and pitching against that lineup. Hopefully he can step up and accept the challenge of being the ace. I think he just may. Glad the Johan trade didnt' go through now Right???

As for Dice he needs to be more aggressive with the fastball and get ahead in counts. This walking 6 and getting outs win men on isn't gonna fly in the post-season. If he can get first pitch strikes he's a better bet to win game two. He has done this although not consistently through out his career. Ultimately it will be up to the pitching staff this year to win another title. If they beat the Halos I know I will feel a lot better. I see the series going to 5 hopefully the Sox don't waste all their bullets getting to the winner of the Rays vs. Pale Hoes/ Twins (we'll see today). I like their chances and I'm ready to devote myself to a month of Soxtober.

So put the women and children to bed it is time for the Big Boys to shine. Shine up your brass boys because it won't be as easy as last year on the left coast. Sox in a tough 5! Cue the Music...This one's for Teeeeeeeeeeeeeeedy Balllllllllllllllgame!

September 25, 2008

Say it ain't so Troy. Well I wished it wasn't.

Patriots WR Troy Brown announced his official retirement today from the NFL.  I kind of wished he would suite up next weekend.  This team could use a leader like him on offense with Brady out.  He would fit in nicely with the short passing game the Pats will ahve to run with Cassel.  He is a huge part of the Patriots dynasty and will be remembered as a great guy and hell of a playmaker.  His career accomplishments include: 
During his emotion filled press conference today he announced his retirement.  He also said he had an opportunity to go over to the Jets, but stayed faithful to the Patriot red, white, and blue.
"I had the opportunity to do it, but it didn't feel right," he said of the chance to sign with the Jets, saying he didn't like the look of green and white." - Mike Reiss

He truly optimizes what the Patriot mentality is.  He was a team player who made big plays.  He was a true team player.  He always shied away from the praise that came along with winning.  He wasn't the best player on the field but he always made the most of his ability and seemingly always made the plays the Pats needed in big games.  

Here are some of Belichicks favorite moments from Troy's career:

  •  The Super Bowl against Carolina, when he had a big catch on first-and-20 to set up Adam Vinatieri's winning kick.
  •  The Snow Game against the Raiders, and how his punt return set up Vinatieri's big kick.
  •  His TD catch from David Patten against the Colts.
  •  His TD catch to beat Miami in overtime -- "one of his biggest catches, 81 yards."
  •  A 2006 game against the Packers in which Brown, playing defensive back, held Donald Driver to one catch.

  • September 24, 2008

    Ohh I love this Party!

    The Sox clinched a playoff birth and the Rays spilt their double header against the O's so it looks like its time to get ready for the Halos. Can't say it was a great victory, but Wake and the Sox did just enough to win. Some great plays to preserve a one run lead by Jacoby and especially Cora to save a liner up the middle from bringing in the potential tying run. Paps came in for an important bases loaded third out in the 8th and in the 9th took it to another level going upstairs to to fan two and get the final pop out to seal the win. Mild chaos ensued. Not quite the party of 2007, but the Sox certainly know how to celebrate these things. Papi was the first to don the goggles and the beer flowed like wine.
    Some Observations & Highlights from the celebration:
    • MDC, Lopez, and Aardsma dousing the fat cop who guards the Sox bullpen. Not sure what his name is but he always fist pounds Paps in big games. Great to see the team chemistry goes further than just the players and coaches.
    • MDC has the cutest baby daughter. Coco Crisp has the cutest wife.
    • Paps taking third, second, and first and handing them out to the Fenway Faithful.
    • Lowell and Veritek personally thanking the fans. True Veterans.
    • Katherine Tappen not being she Tek's home wrecker, because no one touched her. Tek must have called off the dogs
    • Paps interview with Heidi Whatney while he was puffing a stoggey and blowing smoke right into her face. Heidi was doused from head to toe therefore I take her out of the Tek scandal running.
    • You gotta love the Mayor!
    • The Indians disappearing seconds after the last out. Man they must hate the Sox.
    • Theo Is the Man. I hate Larry Luchino.
    • Woooooooooooo! Diamonds are forever...So is Elbladado!?(no idea what this was referring to.) Was his kid all hopped up on Mountain Dew or what?
    • The dousing of the coach who looks like an alien. Forget his name. It wasn't Demarlo?
    • New nicknames for Masterson "Lurch"! Youk "Uncle Fester"!

    Gotta love playoff baseball. Hopefully this team can put it together.

    September 23, 2008

    Pesky lil fella

    According to Steve Buckley of the Boston Herald the Sox will be retiring Johnny Pesky's #6 before the end of the season. Hopefully they do it tonight and the Sox clinch a playoff birth against the Injuns and Cliff Lee and celebrate in style.

    Johnny has been the Sox mascot of sorts over the past 10 years; Don't give me any Wally back talk either. He has hit grounders in pre-game warm-ups and been a good will ambassador for the Red Sox fans since his playing days. He's always there in spring training signing autographs or falling asleep on the bench. He's helped celebrate the past two World Series titles and nobody deserved to more then he.
    Pesky holds a .307 lifetime batting average and had three 200 hit seasons. The guy was an Ichiro before Ichiro existed...almost. I didn't catch any of his games but I know he was a hard nosed player. I've know him more for his great presence on the bench and one of the last living buddies of Teddy Ballgame. Pesky is Williams' John the Baptist of sorts. He has spread the word of The Splendid Splinter on to the younger Sox fans like myself. My favorite Pesky moment is when he helped raise the flag with Yaz and accepted his 2004 ring with tears flowing down his wrinkled face. If your eyes didn't well up at that moment you're probably brain dead a Yankees fan or more likely both.

    "To date, just five Red Sox players have had their numbers retired - Bobby Doerr (No. 1), Joe Cronin (No. 4), Carl Yastrzemski (No. 8), Ted Williams (No. 9) and Carlton Fisk (No. 27)."

    Here's to #6!

    September 22, 2008

    Hey thanks for the memories

    After watching the Pats defense look like Swiss cheese against Ronnie Brown our attention turns to the Sox to take us back to that magic place. Magic number stands at 1. Apparently Bartolo Colon won't be along for the ride. He must be busy eating burritos in his homeland. Too bad he could have been somebody. He coulda been a contender. Hopefully he has fun eating away his career.

    As for the playoff roster the pitching staff is being set as we speak. The Wake vs. Byrd debate appears to be a draw both starters will be included on the playoff roster. I like the move keeps the Angels on their toes. Looks like Timlin will win out over Aardsma. I like what Aardsma has done this year. Timlin has been shaky but he'll probably get the nod as the grizzled vet. The real questions are with the outfield and Mike Lowell. Can Nancy Drew get his back healthy. Can he help this team going ahead when he hasn't played in months? Lowells hip is detaching with each swing or ounce of movement he makes. Can he gut it out and provide some pop off the bench? I hope the Sox don't get Lugo back in over Lowrie, even though Lowrie has struggled over the past few weeks. I guess these are some issues to watch over the next week or two, but look on the bright side...


    September 20, 2008

    Seriously Joey...

    Once again Joey Porter is running his mouth about the Patriots. Well I don't think the Pats needed any real motivation to beat the Dolphins, but it might be nice to see a couple FU td's by newly re-signed Kyle Eckle. Apparently Porter hasn't gotten the last 50 memos because every time he has run his mouth about the Pats he's been on the short end of the stick. That's O.k. though Joey because Heat Evans is gonna be looking to put a helmet into your knee.

    Anyway I'm sure this will be pasted on each of the Pats lockers tomorrow morning if it hasn't already been up all week.
    While talking about facing the Patriots this weekend, Porter said, "It'll be good to go out and get our first victory." Asked how difficult it would be to prepare for Matt Cassel, who he's never played against, Porter said, "If it's not Tom Brady, it shouldn't be that hard." -
    Where is a stray bullet at a waffle house when you need it?

    September 17, 2008

    Suck it Trebeck!

    Had to throw this one up.  Who knew Connery was a wife-beater.  Kind of wish I could smack Joe Madden right now.  The coach not the douche singer.
    See more funny videos at Funny or Die

    King Kong ain't got Sh*t on Me!

    Sox lost a real battle last night. Beckett showed he's already in post season form going 8 strong and only giving up one run. Masterson gave up the walk off hit to Dionar Navarro (I'm really starting to hate this guy. In a hate Posada type of way.) I really can't blame the kid I mean the Sox have used him heavily down the stretch here and he just made a bad pitch on the game winner. He'll still be a weapon against any team other than the Rays who he just struggles against; probably due to the over exposure of the Rays being in our division. Mike Lowell looked done after his last at bat in which he smoked a liner to left. He aggravated it on a bare-handed play late in the game. This guy has some rather large stones to be playing with that pain. I hope he can gut it out but fromt he looks of the way he was limping it off the field last night Cortozone isn't going to be enough.

    Perhaps the best news of the day was bringing back King Theo for a few more years of dominance. The front office has to be the most important part of the new age Red Sox they are young and do a great job of scouting and placing value on guys. Can't say Theo hasn't missed on a couple guys, but he hit on a lot more. As a fan you gotta love the way Theo teams have been able to make it to the post-season:

    Since taking over the Sox, his teams have made the postseason four times -- 2003, 2004, 2005, 2007 -- and are headed for a fifth trip this season. - Dan Roche WBZTV
    He is the G.M. who I would most like to have a beer with that's for sure. He loves Pearl Jam and Pearl Jam loves Theo. Plus the guy looks real good holding a trophy.

    September 16, 2008

    Will the Sox pound the Rays again tonight?

    That's what she said...

    Tid Bits

    Here are some notes regarding the Bo Sox. (Giselle Approved!)
    In case anyone is wondering just how the Bay/Manny trade is going. I like Bay but look at Manny's God Damn numbers. Tell me the Sox wouldn't be more of a threat with him in the lineup in October.
    Jason Bay 160 48 35 8 34 .300 .358 27-13
    Manny Ramirez 152 60 29 14 43 .395 .478 24-18

    Varitek broke the Red Sox record for most home runs by a catcher, surpassing Carlton Fisk with his 158th. Rob Bradford (WEEI)

    Lowell's Hip injury is more of a nagging pain then a pop. Hopefully the Sox can rest him over the next few weeks.

    Ortiz moved into second place in major league history for home runs by a DH with 244, trailing only Frank Thomas (269).

    Dice K's 17th win is a record for a Japanese born pitcher. So he's got that going for him.

    Julio Lugo is still making Dunkin Donut runs for Francona.

    Rays fans (if they even exist) are not flocking to the Trop.

    NL Notes.
    Send Em' Sevum is coaching the potential playoff bound Brew Crew...
    Astros are on their tails Lenny Dykstra takes notice.
    Back-to-Back Z no-no and Ted Liiiiiiiiiilly one hitters don't help.

    Rayzed and Confused

    So I expected the Rays to put up a better fight than they did for this AL East title. Instead Kazmir comes out like Jake the Snake Roberts at a county fair event. Man that was easy for the Sox 13 runs, six homers, and a solid pitching performance by Dice K. Ortiz seems to be getting his thump back with 4 RBIs last night. Youk (horrible humanbeing) with 3 RBIs and even the Captain added two RBIs. How about Coco Crisp leading off drawing three walks, talk about a resurgence. Total team effort last night, except for Nancy Drew of course who had a death in the family/ bad back, and Lowell and his torn hip labrum still gritting through it. I'm not counting the Rays out of this yet, but with Beckett on the hill tonight in a big game you know the Sox are gonna be pumped to take sole lead of the East. People say it doesn't matter if the Sox win the division just as long as they make the playoffs. Bullshit you know Pedroia, Beckett, and company want to take it all.
    Bring on the Pennant baby doesn't matter if we play Chi Sox or the Halos. Just get there baby.
    Oh, pilot of the storm who leaves no trace, like thoughts inside a dream Heed the path that led me to that place, yellow desert stream My Shangri-La beneath the summer moon, I will return again Sure as the dust that floats high in June, when movin' through Kashmir. - Led Zepplin "Kashmir"

    September 15, 2008


    Great story about Vinny Wilfork's Vegas wedding. Had to pass it on. Hahhahah!

    "I almost missed the wedding. I was up $40,000 at roulette at the Hard Rock and didn't want to leave. If it wasn't for NFL Films filming it (the wedding), I wouldn't have left." -Mrs. Bianca Wilfork

    Teddy Ballgame

    Teddy Ballgame
    #9 on the field #1 in our hearts.