September 22, 2008

Hey thanks for the memories

After watching the Pats defense look like Swiss cheese against Ronnie Brown our attention turns to the Sox to take us back to that magic place. Magic number stands at 1. Apparently Bartolo Colon won't be along for the ride. He must be busy eating burritos in his homeland. Too bad he could have been somebody. He coulda been a contender. Hopefully he has fun eating away his career.

As for the playoff roster the pitching staff is being set as we speak. The Wake vs. Byrd debate appears to be a draw both starters will be included on the playoff roster. I like the move keeps the Angels on their toes. Looks like Timlin will win out over Aardsma. I like what Aardsma has done this year. Timlin has been shaky but he'll probably get the nod as the grizzled vet. The real questions are with the outfield and Mike Lowell. Can Nancy Drew get his back healthy. Can he help this team going ahead when he hasn't played in months? Lowells hip is detaching with each swing or ounce of movement he makes. Can he gut it out and provide some pop off the bench? I hope the Sox don't get Lugo back in over Lowrie, even though Lowrie has struggled over the past few weeks. I guess these are some issues to watch over the next week or two, but look on the bright side...


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Teddy Ballgame

Teddy Ballgame
#9 on the field #1 in our hearts.