August 29, 2009

Don't Do This To Me Again!

After last nights preseason masterpiece. Again, Pats fans are to wonder if Tom Brady is healthy. Albert Haynesworth decides late in the second half to take it to postseason level and take Brady down like a McRib at the drive-though at McDonald's. All of New England collectedly flashed back to the first drive of 2008-09 and headed for the hard stuff while gasping for air. Now it looked like he was alright on the bench. I would say, having had my collar bone broken, he didn't break anything, but that is one god damn important shoulder right there. The team took precaution in holding him out, but that was the biggest "OHH Shit!" moment. Of course it was the biggest since Tommy went down last year and we all know how painful that was after the Superbowl that never happened. So I'm on my knees begging you please don't be hurt Tommy, please don't be F'ing hurt.
Otherwise the night wasn't a total loss. Defense had some flashes of what it can be. The bright spot was the Sox taking a big game to stay up in the wild card. What a huge block by Tek to save the lead. Those god damn Yankees better cool the F off though. Although we all know who C.C. Sabathia turns into when the money's on the line...

August 27, 2009

Back Jack Do It Again

Big Papi where have you been all this season? What happened to all the talk before the All-Star break about Papi's HR over-under being 17??? Well consider this guy H-O-T-T! Muy Caliente.

David Ortiz decided to dust off the cape last night and send Ozzie Guillen off with a hard-on. I can't wait for Ozzie's late season killing spree of his bullpen. That wild card is looking awfully tasty right now. Plus, Tazawa is on the hill tonight in a big game. Man I love Baseball in late summer. It actually means something.

Teddy Ballgame

Teddy Ballgame
#9 on the field #1 in our hearts.