July 18, 2008

Honoring the WHO?

VH 1 Rock Honors honored the Who this year. Who did they have play? Foo Fighters (solid band live) sucked on "Bargain" because they had some douche from Supergrass sing it, Incubus (hit or miss in my book), and Eddie and the Jammers. Now I would recommend if you are going to honor a band not to have a band that will A) blow the doors off the other bands. and B) Not totally own the songs of the band you are honoring.

Eddie and the boys blew the doors of "Love Reign O'er Me" and did a nice version of "Real Me". I've always liked The Who's version of "Love Reign.." but Eddie just was made to sing that song he totally was making the song and roger waters his bitch on it. Just check it out:

Now that is How you Do It! The Who must have been pissing themselves having to follow that nastiness. I guess they needed Tenacious D to calm The Who down. Who would be a little tense after someone just demolished their thunder like Eddie and the Jammers did. They are lucky Eddie didn't get a couple bottles more of wine in him and decide to do a "Baba O'Reily" medley. In my opinion Roger Waters totally sucked a d on his version at his own VH1 Rock Honors Show. It was probably the fear of never being as good at his own songs as Eddie is. Honestly WHO can blame him.

July 17, 2008

Next stop Canton

Now I know this is coming a little belated. Congratulations to Ben "BennnnnnnnnnnnYYYYYYY!" Coates on making the Pats Hall O Fame. Old number 87 was probably one of the biggest reasons I became a Pats fan next to the drafting of Bledsoe. He was a steady contributor and you knew he would be open every time the Pats needed a big TD or first down. He wasn't the fastest, flashiest, or most famous TE of his time, but he was consistent, a load to tackle, and had the best hands I've ever seen in the NFL in my 26 years here on God's green earth. From 1993 to '98 you knew the Pats had two guys that gave them a chance to win Bledsoe & Coates.

Forgive me for sounding like a homer. Coates somehow never really got the appreciation in his playing days that he deserved. I still believe he was the best tightend I have ever seen. Better than the great TE's of his era Sharp (horse faced attention whore), Novacheck, evern Tony Gonzalez. If he doesn't make the NFL Hall of Fame then it is a complete shame. This guy was what every NFL player should be hard as stone and a consistent force in every game he played. I only hope he and Bledsoe are inducted in the same year so me and the crew can see Bledsoe to Benny in the corner of the endzone one last time. This guy is one of my idols from my childhood and gave me so many memeories I had to do a tribute to him. Here are some of his astounding NFL numbers:

  • In 1994 he caught an NFL TE record 96 passes for 1174 yards receiving. (AS AN F'N TE!)
  • From 1995 to 1998, he caught 84,62,66 and 67 passes, respectively, in those 4 seasons.
  • Coates played in 158 games with 499 receptions for 5,555 yards and 50 touchdowns.
  • He ranks on the Patriots all-time touchdown list with 50 and third in receptions with 490.

Hard to find Ben Coates highlight reels. Look for him at 1:39 , 3:01, 3:23 marks making classic Coates grabs. Needless to say that vid is given me a woody! By the way anyone else think Byars is the most underated fullback of our time. Love the half steppin.

Prepare the tissue at the 5:39-:53 mark. Classic Bledsoe to Benny at 6:50.

These videos just go to show that Parcells is an ass. That 96-97 squad was one year away from a dominating run. They could have won at least on Lombardi if only Belichick had stayed in NE instead of following in Bill's shadow to the Jets.

On a side note: My buddy Cinco somehow met Benny's college roomate from Livingstone College one summer. So he's chatting the guy up getting some good old Benny stories and they guy up and gives him Ben Coates cell number. Now Cinco was unfathomably elated as were the rest of us when he told us the story. He actually even called Benny and Benny answered and Cinco spilled his guys how he was a huge fan, thanked him for the memories, and even said he'd see him in Canton at his induction speech. Now this was like finding the holy grail for us we were die hard Pats fans that grew up on the Bledsoe/Benny days. After that first call Cinco made I told him he needed to think long and hard about any potential (yeah right it was inevitable) 2nd call. Well it took about a month before we got sauced enough in the old IWO Arena to give Benny another call. This time he knew to set it to voice mail, but that voice mail message was immaculate from what I recall. Basically it consisted of some praise for being such a big part of our obsession with the Pats and that Biddo had his back. Man good times.


July 16, 2008

All Star Break

Well seems like the first half of the season has flown by on me with the Celtics madness, pearl jam, and moist weather the Sox have for the first time in a long while taken a back seat. But, hey when your team owns the league you pretty much can put it in cruise control for the first four months and see where the cards fall. Well as bad as it could have been the Sox are in first place without Papi and Big Schill plus short stints on the DL for Lowell and Manny's binger breaks every couple days.

Here is the line on the Sox courtesy of mlb.com
57-40, .588 Win %, an ass whooping 36-11 at Fenway, and winners of 7 of their last 10.

Do they need any more motivation to take the division or even the AL all together? No, but the Yankee filthfuls made a grave mistake in messing with the wrong bull. PAPS! The NY Daily News decided to dig up some comment about Paps wanting to close the All-Star game over Mo Rivera. No shit you mean he wants the ball against the best. Well this insensed Paps because the degenerate Yankee fans let Paps have it, which I would have done to Mo given the shoe was on the other foot. Where they crossed the line was messing with the man's pregnant wife and chanting "Overated!" Believe me that was the wrong thing to do.

Some people think Paps is having an off year while he is tied for second in the AL with 28 saves. Just wait until after the break when he takes it out on the league especially the Yankees. You mess with the Bull you'll get the horns. I'm certain Jonathan will be waiting for next weekends series with the Yanks @ Fenway and he will be circling August 26-28 @ the house that Ruth built and A-Rod destroyed, as his day to enact revenge. And that ain't no Bull

By the way nice job of letting J.D. Drew steal your thunder New York. Just give it up we're better right now, your rebuilding, and our 5th best hitter took home the hardware. Ohh and Jeter Sucks. A-Rod Swallows Madge VaGe!

Teddy Ballgame

Teddy Ballgame
#9 on the field #1 in our hearts.