September 25, 2008

Say it ain't so Troy. Well I wished it wasn't.

Patriots WR Troy Brown announced his official retirement today from the NFL.  I kind of wished he would suite up next weekend.  This team could use a leader like him on offense with Brady out.  He would fit in nicely with the short passing game the Pats will ahve to run with Cassel.  He is a huge part of the Patriots dynasty and will be remembered as a great guy and hell of a playmaker.  His career accomplishments include: 
During his emotion filled press conference today he announced his retirement.  He also said he had an opportunity to go over to the Jets, but stayed faithful to the Patriot red, white, and blue.
"I had the opportunity to do it, but it didn't feel right," he said of the chance to sign with the Jets, saying he didn't like the look of green and white." - Mike Reiss

He truly optimizes what the Patriot mentality is.  He was a team player who made big plays.  He was a true team player.  He always shied away from the praise that came along with winning.  He wasn't the best player on the field but he always made the most of his ability and seemingly always made the plays the Pats needed in big games.  

Here are some of Belichicks favorite moments from Troy's career:

  •  The Super Bowl against Carolina, when he had a big catch on first-and-20 to set up Adam Vinatieri's winning kick.
  •  The Snow Game against the Raiders, and how his punt return set up Vinatieri's big kick.
  •  His TD catch from David Patten against the Colts.
  •  His TD catch to beat Miami in overtime -- "one of his biggest catches, 81 yards."
  •  A 2006 game against the Packers in which Brown, playing defensive back, held Donald Driver to one catch.

  • September 24, 2008

    Ohh I love this Party!

    The Sox clinched a playoff birth and the Rays spilt their double header against the O's so it looks like its time to get ready for the Halos. Can't say it was a great victory, but Wake and the Sox did just enough to win. Some great plays to preserve a one run lead by Jacoby and especially Cora to save a liner up the middle from bringing in the potential tying run. Paps came in for an important bases loaded third out in the 8th and in the 9th took it to another level going upstairs to to fan two and get the final pop out to seal the win. Mild chaos ensued. Not quite the party of 2007, but the Sox certainly know how to celebrate these things. Papi was the first to don the goggles and the beer flowed like wine.
    Some Observations & Highlights from the celebration:
    • MDC, Lopez, and Aardsma dousing the fat cop who guards the Sox bullpen. Not sure what his name is but he always fist pounds Paps in big games. Great to see the team chemistry goes further than just the players and coaches.
    • MDC has the cutest baby daughter. Coco Crisp has the cutest wife.
    • Paps taking third, second, and first and handing them out to the Fenway Faithful.
    • Lowell and Veritek personally thanking the fans. True Veterans.
    • Katherine Tappen not being she Tek's home wrecker, because no one touched her. Tek must have called off the dogs
    • Paps interview with Heidi Whatney while he was puffing a stoggey and blowing smoke right into her face. Heidi was doused from head to toe therefore I take her out of the Tek scandal running.
    • You gotta love the Mayor!
    • The Indians disappearing seconds after the last out. Man they must hate the Sox.
    • Theo Is the Man. I hate Larry Luchino.
    • Woooooooooooo! Diamonds are forever...So is Elbladado!?(no idea what this was referring to.) Was his kid all hopped up on Mountain Dew or what?
    • The dousing of the coach who looks like an alien. Forget his name. It wasn't Demarlo?
    • New nicknames for Masterson "Lurch"! Youk "Uncle Fester"!

    Gotta love playoff baseball. Hopefully this team can put it together.

    September 23, 2008

    Pesky lil fella

    According to Steve Buckley of the Boston Herald the Sox will be retiring Johnny Pesky's #6 before the end of the season. Hopefully they do it tonight and the Sox clinch a playoff birth against the Injuns and Cliff Lee and celebrate in style.

    Johnny has been the Sox mascot of sorts over the past 10 years; Don't give me any Wally back talk either. He has hit grounders in pre-game warm-ups and been a good will ambassador for the Red Sox fans since his playing days. He's always there in spring training signing autographs or falling asleep on the bench. He's helped celebrate the past two World Series titles and nobody deserved to more then he.
    Pesky holds a .307 lifetime batting average and had three 200 hit seasons. The guy was an Ichiro before Ichiro existed...almost. I didn't catch any of his games but I know he was a hard nosed player. I've know him more for his great presence on the bench and one of the last living buddies of Teddy Ballgame. Pesky is Williams' John the Baptist of sorts. He has spread the word of The Splendid Splinter on to the younger Sox fans like myself. My favorite Pesky moment is when he helped raise the flag with Yaz and accepted his 2004 ring with tears flowing down his wrinkled face. If your eyes didn't well up at that moment you're probably brain dead a Yankees fan or more likely both.

    "To date, just five Red Sox players have had their numbers retired - Bobby Doerr (No. 1), Joe Cronin (No. 4), Carl Yastrzemski (No. 8), Ted Williams (No. 9) and Carlton Fisk (No. 27)."

    Here's to #6!

    September 22, 2008

    Hey thanks for the memories

    After watching the Pats defense look like Swiss cheese against Ronnie Brown our attention turns to the Sox to take us back to that magic place. Magic number stands at 1. Apparently Bartolo Colon won't be along for the ride. He must be busy eating burritos in his homeland. Too bad he could have been somebody. He coulda been a contender. Hopefully he has fun eating away his career.

    As for the playoff roster the pitching staff is being set as we speak. The Wake vs. Byrd debate appears to be a draw both starters will be included on the playoff roster. I like the move keeps the Angels on their toes. Looks like Timlin will win out over Aardsma. I like what Aardsma has done this year. Timlin has been shaky but he'll probably get the nod as the grizzled vet. The real questions are with the outfield and Mike Lowell. Can Nancy Drew get his back healthy. Can he help this team going ahead when he hasn't played in months? Lowells hip is detaching with each swing or ounce of movement he makes. Can he gut it out and provide some pop off the bench? I hope the Sox don't get Lugo back in over Lowrie, even though Lowrie has struggled over the past few weeks. I guess these are some issues to watch over the next week or two, but look on the bright side...


    Teddy Ballgame

    Teddy Ballgame
    #9 on the field #1 in our hearts.