September 25, 2009


I wish I was a Sixteen Time Winner with this scratch ticket!

September 21, 2009

So The Dynasty Is Over

Here's a reply to my comment that the Jets should have blown the Pats out the way they (the Pats) played from my buddy who's a huge Jets fan and douche bag.

I don't know why you think it should have beena blowout. Must not have faith in your defense. Dont' be so glum. The Pats are old and done. The Jets are young, fresh, and look good.

And his reply to my comment calling Sanchez average and comparing him to Tim Couch if we're going off two starts.

Haha average huh? U must not watch much football buddy cause anybody can tell already that he's gonna be really really good one day.

Haha Silly JETS fan dicks are for chicks!

If I were a Jets fan and had to talk myself into drinking the Kool-Aid that they are the best team in the AFC East I'd be very hesitant to do so. They beat the Pats at home, finally, and I would argue the Pats have not played that poorly on offense since the days of Marc Wilson or Hugh Millen. Another reason to not get your hopes up NY is Mayo was out and the Pats D still held the Sanchez lead Jets to under 20 points. Wes Welker not playing also might have had something to do with all the dropped balls on crucial 3rd downs. But, I guess it is over and I should give up on the Pats now, because they'll never get another first down or score another TD. Tom Brady is done, Randy Moss is old, Belichick can't scheme, and the Jets are "young, fresh, and look good!"
11/22/ 2009!

September 18, 2009

Uhh Kerry...

Kerry Rhodes is officially on the crack pipe today, because he is now taking shots at Rodney. That's right THE Rodney Harrison 37. I'm not going to lie I don't understand the "Twitter", but if stuff like this goes on there it has a good shot of sticking around. Now back to the ass clown Kerry Rhodes. To say you don't respect Rodney is basically asking to be suplexed on your friggen neck by Rodney next time he sees you around town. Trash talking the Pats is one thing, but asking for Rodney to suit up on Sunday on offense just so he can annihilate your punk ass is another. You're a fool and everyone is going to see it this Sunday. Thanks for giving me and every other Pats fan a reason to watch the Pats a little more attentively this weekend.

Get Em a Body Bag Rodney!

September 17, 2009


Man can we just skip over the ALDS first round match up with the Angels? I mean do we even need to play these games?
After another devastating loss can the Halo fans even root for a team that is destine to be the Red Sox whipping boy? Last nights game proves the Red Sox might not be the better team but they certainly have a mental edge over the Angels. I mean that pitch was boarder line, if not a big strike out, but for your manager to start the violins with his sob story you know the Angels were devastated. Sounds to me like someone is making excuses for their team when we all know Juan Rivera could have ended that one with a little hustle. Did he think this game was being played at the Polo Grounds? Jesus that was a can of corn pop up and he doesn't even dive. You got to be kidding me pal. Make a play this is a big statement game. If you want any chance against the Sox you have to make that play.
I guess that just shows why the Sox always beat the Halos. When it comes down to it winners step on the gas while losers fold like a card table. See you in September BITCHES!

September 16, 2009

Talk is Cheap Mother F'er

So Rex Ryan can't keep Brady or Belichick's names out of his mouth. Apparently this fat toad wants to go toe to toe with the Pats and their fans.
Now dude I've heard some backhanded comments, but have a damn backbone you worm. If you're going to fire up your fans with a pathetic voice mail don't defend your back peddling comments about the Pats having the better coach and QB. Believe me the Pats been looking for bulletin board material and you've already supplied them with a year's worth of motivational fodder. Have you not learned anything from the past Fuck up Mangina? Don't give the hooded one a reason to motivate. He doesn't need it he wakes up and pisses excellence and craps Lombardi trophy's, guy your in for it.
I pity you Rex Ryan and you better bring that hay maker your father was famous for when the pain comes raining down on you and your joke of a franchise. Mark Sanchez? Please that Dirty Sanchez can't hold Giselle's g string let alone Tommy's jock when it comes to poise and execution on the gridiron. They say the cream rises to the top, but in your case it goes straight to your fat ass pal.

September 15, 2009

Just Like Old Times

Granted last night was over hyped as a Pats blow out we as Pats fans certainly got our money's worth with that game. I don't know how many drives the Pats stalled on inside their own 20, but when the chips were on the table they didn't fold.
The defense especially surprised me after a dismal first half where they couldn't stop the run, lost Mayo, and made Fred Jackson look like Marsahll Faulk circa 1999. Now the loss of Mayo could have broken some teams, but not this young squad. They maned up and didn't take the loss of their defensive captain as and excuse to let the Bills walk all over them in the second half. The play of Guyton, Adalius Thomas, and Merriweather especially, got my attention. We saw a fast Pats d that maybe wasn't as experienced as it was last year or prepared, but they made up for their lack of experience by hitting the ever-loving crap out of the Bills in the fourth quarter. Shout out to Bodden for his monster hit. This team will give up points, but they showed they are capable of the bend don't break motto that had been lost over the past few years.
Now onto the offense. God Damn, was it good to see #12 out there slinging bebes. Tommy got off to a shaky start where the receivers essentially could catch swine flu if they tried. After the Bills piled on a Aaron Schobel td the Pats could have easily given in and called it a night. They certainly were not winning with the offense they showed in the first half. Come the second half though Tommy got comfortable as did Welker. Moss had a huge game and broke some ankles on his huge catch in the fourth. Ben Watson the quintessential goat of many games past finally made a big catch. But, we have always known he makes the impossible ones it's just the easy ones he seems to have a hard time hauling in. I have to say that is one of the best catches I've seen a TE make since Benny retired and that's saying something.
Overall the Pats didn't play perfect football, but they played Patriots football when it mattered. They kept themselves in it long enough to win and got a few breaks along the way, thanks Leodis! Either way 1-0 beats 0-1 and I'll take the win. As for you Susie Colber recognize a stud when you see one and don't try so hard. Jesus you'd think she was chasing Ben Roethlisburger for Christ sakes. Get with the times honey, Brady isn't even taking a second to talk to Erin Andrews if she's in a whipped cream bikini let alone your cougar ass.

September 11, 2009

You Should Dancing YEAH!

On the verge of the Pats opener I can't contain myself. I feel like dancing like Tommy at the 00:30 mark or Uncle Bobby in the following clip. The 4th Superbowl of the 2000's is coming. Can you feel it??? Ohhhhhhhhhhh YEAH! Now if you'll excuse me I need a tissue or 12.

September 8, 2009

Give Em DICK?

The PATS are who WE THOUGHT THEY WERE! They cut Dick less than a week away from the season opener. Pats fans are left to blindly agree with the move. Well I say WTF! Dick was a cog on the D and with the move to the 4-3 is there a more valuable piece to the defense then Dick? The guy can play the end of the tackle position flawlessly. As we have always knows the worth of Dick hasn't always shown on the stat sheet at the end of the day, but you'd be damned if he didn't dictate the way offenses played the Pats.
Will a top 5 first round pick be good for the Pats in the long run? Yes! Does it improve the team yes. But, as a fan it hurts to see Big Dick go. Especially to the franchise the "Tuck Rule" (and Jermaine Wiggins) single-handily dismantled. Losing Bruschi and Dick in the same year will test my loyalty to the uncle Bobby and the Hooded One. No matter what the front office does you have to blindly follow the flag and agree to every move. Well I don't agree with this one. Especially since the college crop doesn't seem all that staggering for 2011. Maybe it is too early to evaluate this one, but my current thoughts are of fury.
I guess Tommy and Moss will have to take away the pain with a 90 yard bomb against the Bills to open the season. It is so tough being a Pats fan. BooHoo! I guess I'll have to get rid of my anger like a true NFL coach would and take it out on a microphone, camera, or podium.

September 4, 2009

Time To Boat Race

With the preseason garbage over, although the gmen/pats week 4 game was a battle, time to get the Labor day drank on and go boat racing into the season. 19-0 is just a possibility it will be a reality. Make note all you Brady/ Pats haters. The hooded one can take a Matt Cassel lead team team to a 11-5 near playoff team, just wait for Tommy Terrific to take the reigns back and take us to the promise land. The job isn't finished. It is time to DO YOUR JOB!

September 1, 2009

Devil Ray Fans I'm Calling You Out

WTF is up with the god damn Devil Ray fans? This is your last shot at the AL Wild Card leading Red Sox and you can't fill that dump of a stadium? Where the hell are your little cow bells now hunh? What Hulk Hogan and Brian Nobbs couldn't make this one? Where the hell is Dickey V when you need him? What the hell is up with this piss poor showing you pansies. To think we were one Josh Beckett injury away from sweeping the Phillies. Ha come on you call yourself a team. I'd give you half a chance if Longoria's Batting Average was above the Mendoza line. All the hype from last year and you can't get a capacity crowd when the real champs are in town. What do those seats cost $20? $25?

August 31, 2009

Do Your Job

While not doing my job. I had the pleasure of watching Belichick speak fondly about Mr. Patriot Teddy Bruschi. Alot will be discussed about Bruschi's impact on the pats, but you can't deny that he personified the Pats dynasty. From the underdog world shocking 2002 Superbowl team to the dominant defenses of the 2004 and 2005 Superbowl Champs it was Bruschi who anchored the line-backing core. When the Pats needed a big play Bruschi would step up. He wasn't the best player on the field, but he'd be damned if anyone worked harder and gave more. In an age where players care more about their health and paychecks Bruschi proved you could work hard for success even if that meant jeopardizing your future to being confined to a hospital bed. Not even a stroke could keep Teddy from returning to the game he loved. I'm proud to say I had the opportunity see this man play and I emphasize the word "MAN!"

August 29, 2009

Don't Do This To Me Again!

After last nights preseason masterpiece. Again, Pats fans are to wonder if Tom Brady is healthy. Albert Haynesworth decides late in the second half to take it to postseason level and take Brady down like a McRib at the drive-though at McDonald's. All of New England collectedly flashed back to the first drive of 2008-09 and headed for the hard stuff while gasping for air. Now it looked like he was alright on the bench. I would say, having had my collar bone broken, he didn't break anything, but that is one god damn important shoulder right there. The team took precaution in holding him out, but that was the biggest "OHH Shit!" moment. Of course it was the biggest since Tommy went down last year and we all know how painful that was after the Superbowl that never happened. So I'm on my knees begging you please don't be hurt Tommy, please don't be F'ing hurt.
Otherwise the night wasn't a total loss. Defense had some flashes of what it can be. The bright spot was the Sox taking a big game to stay up in the wild card. What a huge block by Tek to save the lead. Those god damn Yankees better cool the F off though. Although we all know who C.C. Sabathia turns into when the money's on the line...

August 27, 2009

Back Jack Do It Again

Big Papi where have you been all this season? What happened to all the talk before the All-Star break about Papi's HR over-under being 17??? Well consider this guy H-O-T-T! Muy Caliente.

David Ortiz decided to dust off the cape last night and send Ozzie Guillen off with a hard-on. I can't wait for Ozzie's late season killing spree of his bullpen. That wild card is looking awfully tasty right now. Plus, Tazawa is on the hill tonight in a big game. Man I love Baseball in late summer. It actually means something.

August 17, 2009

Sox need to WAKEfield up!

What the hell is going on with this team. One day they're the champs the next they can't get a friggen run. Maddening I tell yah.
Two positives from this weekend Fridays unbelievable comeback in the 9th and Franky Viola burning up the booth. I mean I have enjoyed Eck, Roberts, and the plethora of other randomly Sox-related broadcasters, but Franky V was magnificent. Orsillo couldn't contain himself with some of the gems V was laying on him. I mean this is a guy who sounded like he was sitting at the corner of the bar telling old war stories to whoever would listen. Hopefully we get much more Viola in the final months of the season, because if the Sox keep squandering their leads it'll be a long October.
Orsillio has proved he can work with every style of broadcast partner from cards like Viola to stiffs like Macha. Forget the talk about Youk, Orsillio is my MVP.

August 12, 2009

Youk Gotta Fight! For Your Right!

The tipping point was reached last night. Youk had enough of being the target of opposing pitchers retribution. Can I blame the Tigers for throwing at Youk? No.
I personally met Youk in a bar before and wasn't impressed with his demeanor even as a bench warming utility man on the 2004 squad he had a cockiness about him. Granted being cocky in professional baseball works out in your favor it doesn't do much for your fan base. Now I'm not saying my buddy wasn't wrong in offering Youk shots that night, but the piss poor response from a guy who hadn't even cracked the starting lineup was uncalled for. So I don't really blame Porcillo or the Tigers for hitting Youk. I'm a fan of the Sox and I don't even like him.
What I do like is the fact that this may be the shot in the arm a desperate Sox team needs to get back on a roll for the September stretch run. Winning the wild card won't be easy and taking the division back from the Yanks will be even tougher. This team hadn't really shown any balls over the last two series vs. the Rays and Yanks and Youk decided enough was enough. You could tell the Sox were going to win the game after the fight. Tazawa settled down and the Sox offense decided to awake from its collective slumber. Bay finally added to his team leading RBI total after a month plus of sleep walking his way to the plate. Even Youks replacement, Mike Lowell, was back on track hitting two shots to give the Sox the win. Do I like that the Sox had to fight to get it going, Yes! It reminded me of the 2003 Pedro vs. Zimmer type of spark the team needed. It also reminded me of Bill Meuller's big shot of Mo Rivera...Some what. When it is all settled the Sox showed they were not going to lay down and take it any more. We'll see if it can carry over to October.

August 11, 2009

Cheer up Papi. It could be worse.

At least Sox fans don't have to worry about a David Ortiz relapse into a steroid haze. While losing 6 in a row to the Rays and Yanks hurts. It doesn't hurt as much as seeing your rejuvenated born again slugger fall back off the wagon with a couple of tramp stamping booze hounds.
With a big series coming up against Texas for the AL Wild card lead it is good to see they are human too. The Papi scandal hasn't helped the Sox chances either and took a hit to the clean Red Sox Nation image. Is there any baseball player that isn't human after all?
This picture hopefully sums up the way the Sox will be treating the rest of their opponents in August or it will be a long September. Hopefully the Sox can get it going here and apparently Detroit is just what the doctor ordered. I'll drink to that!

August 5, 2009

Dawg Days of Summer

Here we go again the Rays demolished the Sox hopes of getting the W last night in a "Big" game. Granted it was still early August, but last nights game had a playoff aura about it. Imagine saying that 4-5 years ago about a Sox/Rays game. In all honesty I think it was the most stressful game I've watched all season.

Bard finally showed he was hittable and Longoria established why he shouldn't be pitched two not once, but twice to win the Rays a game they had no business taking. Lester pitched a stunning game as did Garza who is a Sox killer if you recall from last fall's ALCS. Pedroia and Youk continued to carry this team offensively as they have over the past month and Victor Martinez, don't get me started, was another spark plug in the lineup. Got to love the Sox getting another hybrid player like Martinez who can give you better than average defense at two positions and still add a dangerous switch hitting bat to your lineup. Opposing managers are going to be driven nuts with all the options Tito can throw at them. It wasn't enough last night though and leaving men on base happened all too often. In the end the Rays had enough to take a burner and I couldn't make it past the 13th. Hopefully the Sox can take the next game and this isn't the type of lose that puts them on a skid. Something tells me this team is still forming their playoff identity and figuring out where the new guys fit and who is going to be ready when they get put into big spots in the playoffs. What this game showed is the Sox just have not figured out how to beat this Rays squad, maybe they still have the confidence from last October, but the Sox better figure it out quick before they become the third seed in the East.
P.S. Can we keep Josh Reddick up and send down Drew???

July 30, 2009

Ey Papi

Ortiz and Manny are both listed on the 2003 steroid report for using performance enhancing drugs. Surprised? NO! Shocked? A little. This sucks for any Sox fan for one reason and one reason only. Yankee fans can now toss stones at our 2004 and 2007 Championships. That sucks more than learning a legend was not quit what he claimed to be. The Sox who fought so hard in 2004 to bring the faithful what they longed for are now tainted. Granted all the MLB is tainted due to the rampant steroid era. Really is anyone off limits from this. Even the golden boys like, Ripken? Gwynn? This really opens the door for all these guys to be under the gun. As far as the Hall of Fame is concerned do these guys accomplishments get recognized? So many questions that you had hoped not to have to answer, but is anything off limits anymore. Is there anyone who won't cheat to achieve greatness? What do I tell my kids when I have them watch my idols on DVD or whatever the hell they'll invent to watch highlight tapes by then? Sad day in the nation. Not surprising, but a sad day.

July 27, 2009

Trade Deadline Thugs

Can't Theo get this kid to rough up the Padre's or Indians GM's to give up V Mart or Gonzalez already??? Word on the street is everyone wants Clay Bucholz. I say what is so wrong with giving him up. If anyone has watched the last few games it is obvious this team is gassed on offense and needs a spark. LaRoche was a nice addition, but is he going to fill the four hole?
RIP Big Pun!

July 22, 2009

So the Pats are having Sir Elton John as the teams honorary coach when they play in England this season. Makes sense the Pats are known for Ben Coates torching the Jets, Elton sang "Benny and the Jets". I'm not even poking fun at the Tight End joke dangling out there.

July 21, 2009

Hey Steeler fan your QB is striking out with this...

While Tom Brady is busy making bacon with this...

You might want to re-think all that dynasty talk!
Did anyone else watch the celebrity golf tourney in Tahoe over the weekend? I can't be the only one who caught the giant inflatable penis girl behind Jordan on 15. MJ cool and calm under pressure as usual. It isn't every day you have to make a 5 foot putt with a giant inflaitbale fallace peering over you. Only in Tahoe do you see this kind of support.

This was better than watching Tom Watson's bid at The Open Championship and about 5,000 Levitra, Cealis, and Enzyte commercials for male enhancement.

July 20, 2009

Show Me The Money!

Can the Pats just give "Big Daddy" Vinny the contract already? The guy will play QB if he has to and if there is anything the Pats value it is versatility and "football" guys. Really this guy anchors the Pats D and everything they do runs off of Vince taking up 3/5 of the line. I'd say he's more valuable then Seymour at this point in his career and has shown he is durable. So the question is why are the Pats not extending Vince yet??? Other than Brady's knee this is the biggest story line of the Pats up-and-coming camp. Can't believe I'm talking football with the Sox half way through the season with a measly one game lead over the Yanks. With the Sox needing a bat could Wilfork add even more versatility and value to himself? I mean we know he can hit.

Just Beat It!

I think this answers the "Who Would You Rather Have On Your Team Shaq or Kobe" debate...

July 15, 2009

MJ - The Begining of the End

Thanks Pepsi. 6 takes. Really? Really? Six Takes! Really! The greatest entertainer that ever lived and you couldn't get this damn thing in One, Two takes? I'm never drinking Pepsi again.

July 13, 2009

Down Goes Gatti

R.I.P. Arturo Gatti. Shocking news especially after the McNair saga and tragic death. Gatti was one of the best fighters I've ever watched. Gatti vs. Ward has to be the best boxing match of the decade, if not of all time. I've never watched a more entertaining match in my life. These guys just came out and pounded the ever-loving crap out of each other and took the best the other guy had on the chin round after round. If you need proof just watch this. Talk about a real life Apollo Creed vs. Rocky Balboa. Just two guys giving it all they had. Something you never see from today's fighters who are more worried with the amount of the purse over their performance and effort. If boxing were like this more often it wouldn't be floundering to UFC in the PPV arena.

July 7, 2009

Stay Classy Fenway

How could you even debate whether this would happen? Even the pink hats have the savvy to know their roll when a legend comes back home. Hopefully Theo wakes the F' up and snags Nomes from the A's at the trade deadline. The excitement alone from Fenway reaction to bringing Nomar back would carry the Sox to another World Series victory. Thanks Beautiful!

P.S. Suck it Lucchino

July 6, 2009

America F@#k YEAH!

What a weekend for USA. There were highs like Joey Chestnuts record setting victory over arch rival Kobayashi. It was impressive but pretty unappetizing to watch. But, anytime the US beats Japan it is a great time all around. On the low end Andy Roddick lost again to Roger Fedderer in a match for the ages. I don't even follow tennis and I was watching this one finding myself rooting for Andy. What does he have to do to beat Roger? I mean even Booklyn can't take that pain away. Then came the really really lows like the loss of Steve McNair who will be missed as a class act in the NFL.
The really great news was 6 Red Sox getting elected to the All-Star game including a well deserved first time nod for Timmy. But, the greatest news of all was Sheed getting the full court press from the "New" Big Three. Somewhere Bennett Salvatore is getting his Technical Foul signals polished and shined up with a shit eating grin on his face.

June 26, 2009

This is Big MJ Big

I've been waiting for something to write about for the past couple weeks. Something big. Something really really big. Ed McMahon was big, but MJ's death is HUGE! This guy made Pop music. Not the watered down bastardized stuff you hear pumped out month after month these days but real relevant POP. If you needed a really huge huge hit in the 80's and early 90's then MJ was your man. I mean was there a more polarizing icon from the 80's and early 90's bigger than Michael Jackson? You'd be kidding yourself if you thought anyone was bigger. Unfortunately the pressure of fame took some of his best years from us.
It will be hard to explain to my kids how big MJ was. I guess it wasn't easy for my dad to explain the Beatles to me, but I somehow got it with MJ. The guy was huge, young boys aside. In honor of MJ's passing I'm just going to bring the noise the beautiful beautiful noise. Here are some of my all time favorite MJ hits.

Dirty DiAnna! - Enough said.

They Don't Care About Us - Great Drums!
Underrated 90's MJ. This song could have caused a social uprising in America. Unfortunately politically correct uptight pricks put the heat on MJ for the controversial lyrics.

Smooth Criminal - Had it's own movie and video game. Which I watched and played religiously. Nice work by Joe Pesci too.

Billie Jean - is probably MJ's most memorable video other than Thriller or Beat It. You have to love the glowing sidewalks squares. This is what every music video producer hopes to attain just once in their career a flawless video.

Shout out to BAD , Wesley Snipes, and the dude on the roller skates. This video just speaks to the awesome level MJ took video choreography to. You know you wish you had half the dance moves.

Another great video and song, for that matter, to get people dancing is The Way You Make Me Feel. I mean you put this on and panties drop period.


June 15, 2009

Act Like You've Been There Before

You Stay Classy Los Angeles!
If the Lakers win and there's no parade did their Championship ever happen???

June 11, 2009

Toying With The Yanks

Yankee fan time to panic? And I thougth this might be the most entertaining early season Yankee vs. Sox series of the past 5 years. Huh. This is getting pathetic. Give em the cheese Paps.

June 10, 2009

It Takes Two To Make It Outta Sight

Does it get any better than the last couple weeks of Beckett and Lester? I mean the Sox have had some dangerous pitching duos in the past most notably Pedro/Schilling, but never have I seen two guys dominate and go out there and perform the way they should every start no matter the opponent. These guys actually bring it harder the tougher the lineup.
Sure it was a shaky start to April for both, but as the mercury has risen so have the strike outs and shutout innings. It seems like the last few starts for each guy you can count on a possible no-no or 20 K performance. I mean is it possible to have two Aces? As Sox fans we need to count our lucky stars that the days of loading up on over-the-hill sluggers is over and the front office has caught on to the "pitching wins championships" theory. I mean I used to be jealous that the Yankees had the Clemens, Pettite, Cone, Wells, etc. during their big runs. Why couldn't the Sox do that. It was obvious then and has now become the reality that the Sox have become the premier franchise in baseball. With the likes of Beckett and Lester and the emergence of Masterson, Bard, and Bowden the future looks bright. I'm just basking in the dominant sunshine that is the Sox rotation right now.
Bottom Line the Sox have too much pitching and you can't beat the Balls on the duo of Beckett and Lester. Sorry C.C. Sabathia and Burnett ain't cutting it Cashman try and explain it to your headwarmer.

June 5, 2009

NFL Now 25% More Safe

With the news of Rodney Harrison's retirement a lot of opposing WR can't help but breath a sigh of relief. Granted Rodney was often injured over the past few seasons you can't help but feel the NFL will be 25% more safe for opposing pass catchers and quarterbacks this year. Just ask Vince Young who hasn't been the same since this hit, which took place in a preseason game.
As a fan of the Pats the acquisition of Rodney was a bitter sweet moment, but it has been a blessing from the start. Rodney replaced arguably one of the best safeties in the Patriots short history in Lawyer Milloy. Milloy was also Brady's closest friend on the team. While it hurt to lose Milloy, Rodney soon made us forget about him and brought a new edge to the Pats legendary defenses of the 2004-05 Superbowl winning Patriots teams. He could cover deep or jam the line of scrimmage and deliver a game changing hit on the opposing QB. He was basically one of the first hybrid strong safeties in the league. A short list that included most notably Rodney Lott. Rodney was every bit as tough playing in the 2004 Superbowl with a broken forearm for a couple of plays before being pulled out of the game. He always had a knack for making the big play in big moments. Evidence being the 2005 Superbowl where he intercepted McNabbs pass on the Eagles final drive and immediately went into flapping his wings. Injuries however had diminished his speed and coverage ability over the past few years. But he still gave it all on every play. Just take the David Tyree miracle catch in the 2008 Superbowl. Rodney did everything legal and illegal to keep that pass from being a completion. There was only so much he could do in the end to stop the luckiest catch in history. Hopefully he'll be remembered for more than that catch. I like to remember his crazy suplex of an opposing player in his Chargers days.

After a great career there are many titles that describe Rodney: Dirtiest player in the league, most fined in NFL history, gritty veteran, and most doubted player in NFL history. But, ultimately his place in the books is written and he'll go down as one of the greatest strong safeties to ever suite up in the history of the game. He's one of the last throw back safeties a gritty, hard nosed, and lethal weapon he played the game the right way. Dirty player? I say the game was meant to be played DIRTY!

Thank you Rodney!

June 1, 2009

I think MTV just lost a fan

So, Eminem won't be bailing out MTV anytime soon. I guess that's what happens when you treat your biggest artist as "the butt of the joke".
Probably the most random WTF moment on live TV since The Boob, JT, and Janet at the Superbowl* with a little more hair.
*Just for the record: Pats would go on to win that game, the second best Superbowl game I've ever seen behind Pats v. Rams.

May 27, 2009

The Greatest Words That Have Ever Been Spoken...EVER!

If you're a Pats fan these are the greatest words you've ever heard. If you're a fan, player, or coach of any other NFL franchise, Look The F' Out!

"What would I do instead of run out in front of 80,000 people and command 52 guys and be around guys I consider brothers and be one of the real gladiators? Why would I ever want to do anything else? It’s so hard to think of anything that would match what I do: Fly to the moon? Jump out of planes? Bungee-jump off cliffs? None of that s— matters to me. I want to play this game I love, be with my wife and son, and enjoy life.” - (Peter King)

May 26, 2009

Intrinsically Sweet and Worth 5 Stars By Itself

If you haven't seen the "Three Wolf Moon" tee-shirt yet do yourself a service and visit this link and behold the greatest shirt known to man. This inspirational shirt will bring to you the mighty powers that the commenter speaks of. Do not hesitate. The comments and mania surrounding this shirt are warranted. Never has there been this big of an event in modern day fashion. I have to say I'm proud to live in the great state that is home to the revolutionary business that had the brass to create such a sweet shirt. One can only imagine what genius artist could capture such an event and bring it to life in a tee shirt. Genius, Pure Genius!

May 22, 2009

Don't You Quit On Me

With all the wild talk about Papi's slump lately the focus has been taken off last year's hot topic of Tek's lack of offense. Well hows he doing this year? Guy's already halfway to his home run total of 13 dingers and his slugging is leading the Sox. The leadership and presence behind the plate has never dwindled apart from keeping guys from stealing, but he's never had a cannon.

So what is the reason for his resurgence? Roids, HGH, or Maybe tapping this helps. Either way if you quited on the Captain you can't get back on the wagon. I'll go further to say if you quit on Papi you should be stripped of your fan hood. In this day and age you can't count on too many athletes to stick with one team for the majority of their career and the thought of Tek anywhere else was scary. Does he scare the hell out of me when he hits lefty with a runner on first? Yes Will he kill the Sox playing 70-90 games this year? No

Bottom line is that these guys are human and maybe they go through some tough times. As fans we sometimes forget this. Why did Tek's numbers suffer I do not know. But, as we all know divorces can be messy. Especially when you are taggin a woman half your ex-wife's age that looks like she could be living in the mansion with Hef. Man if only my slump busters were that sweet back in the day. Don't you agree Mr. Giambi?

May 12, 2009

Napoleon BARDynamite

Just Throwing it out there with the recent call up. Could this be the heir-apparent to Paps??? Do the chickens have Large Talons??? Is this the most overrated movie ever??? YES!

Can the Sox bullpen get anymore loaded??? NO!
By the way how bad do you wish the Sox had signed Aubrey Huff after "The Fist Pump"???

May 11, 2009

Baby Jumpers All Night Long

Hey Orlando...Suck It! Big Baby Davis just hit the biggest shot of his career; and that kid in the first row.

Great overall game by the Celtics this was the definition of a team victory. In a very heavily officiated outcome the Celtics prevailed with pretty much ever starter in foul trouble. If I'm Orlando I realize that we just lost our shot at taking a 3-1 lead over the defending champs. Remember the Celtics have "Been there before" . Stan Van Gundy has to be shitting himself that they let this one slip away. I mean only rookie Courtney Lee was making shots in the final minutes. Wouldn't a good coach run more low post plays for Howard when Perkins, Scal, and Baby were all in foul trouble by the end of the game? Somewhere Stan Van Gundy's porn stache is bitch slapping Stan for his ignorant game management.

This just in J.J. Redick just had another three bounce off the rim and hit the 24 second clock.

May 6, 2009

Thaaaaaaaaaaa Yankees SUCK!

Yankees just face it we're better than you at everything. You can't even get the new stadium thing right. You use tax payers money then gouge your loyal fans with absurd prices in a booming economy, let alone the recession toilet we're in right now. Even when you try to send a message by Plunking Jay Bay you just get the professional tip of the cap and business as usual approach from the Sox. Face it the table have turned and you are not very good at being the underdogs. I think it's time to admit you have a problem and you're living off memories and reputation from 10 years ago. This ain't the late 1990's Paul O'Neil ain't walking through that door. Literally. Just take your beating and fight for 4th place with the Orioles.
Psssst Joba you're mother's a crack-hoe.

May 5, 2009

McLovin It

I'm telling you the Celtics were sleep walking for 2/3 of that game and they still had a shot to win it at the end. Bottom line is that the Celtics didn't play well and they almost cut down the

Magic. Orlando if you think the Celtics are going to lay down and hand over this series check yourselves. That goes for you too Stan VanGundy's porn stach. The Celtics will win game 2. On top of it all apparently McLovin is a fan. I Love This Game!

P.S. anyone think that NBA playoffs commercial where Kobe takes the shot with two defenders in his face over dishing it to a wide-open Luke Walton is rediculous? It should read "The NBA...Where Selfish Pre-Madonna Happens!" Cue the piano solo.

May 4, 2009

It's Demolition Time

Honestly the Celtics are going to be tired tonight. They just got taken to the limit in a grueling 7 game series with the younger, faster, and just dumb enough to think they have a chance baby Bulls. Well this will just be another reason for everyone to doubt the heart of this team (Which I think the Celtics have displayed more this year than last. If you can imagine having more heart than the '07 World Championship team). Honestly the Magic are bigger and stronger down low. Besides Perkins the Celtics don't have anyone who can bang bodies with Howard. Honestly Howard is a specimen, but we have seen dunk champions both good and bad come and go in the playoffs.

Ultimately Perk will have to limit Howard. Otherwise I see Ray Allen continuing his strong performance in this year's playoffs. Paul Pierce may suffer the most since he looked tired in Game 1 versus the Bulls. Rondo will have to regain some of his confidence after losing his ability to take it to the hoop in games 6 & 7. I think he will and is the second most vital part of the Celtics recipe for success against the Magic. He should be up to the challenge and I don't see "Skip to my Lou" a.k.a. Raefer Allston locking down Rondo for any period of time. I'll miss Tommy Heinsohn's A++ game this round since the games will be on TNT/ESPN, but the Celtics mystic will remain.

In the end I think the Celtics will have to get some help from the 6th man. The crowd has been up to it thus far. The Gahden will be rocking and rolling tonight. It's Demolition Time!

April 30, 2009

Get the F' Outta Here!

If the Bulls don't get it the Celtics want it more. Get the F' Outta Here! Peace and Frie Grease!

Van Every Day I Do

The Sox did it again the young guys pulled them out of a hole and fought back to get another late game win. Mainly Jonathan Van Every (who's not so young) hitting his first major league home run a blast in the 10th to put the Sox ahead. Honestly when guys like Van Every and Jeff Bailey are producing this early in the season things are going good. When the Vets like Tek and Lowell (13 game hit streak) are getting into the act it just isn't fair for opposing pitchers.
Honestly Cleveland how much more can you get beat down by the Sox. This is getting pathetic. And while I'm at it the Yanks have news break about A-Rod's steroid use spanning over a decade. Really A-Rod steroids in high school. This guy is officially the biggest fraud in the history of sports. Cashman has to be taking the Sox farm system successes the hardest. I mean who else can the Sox throw out there next that will perform and get them wins? Andy Dominique...Devern Hansack...Izzy Alcantara? What do you have Cashman Phil Hughes? Really is that it? Really?

April 28, 2009

What the frick?

Now either you really love the Yankees or someone is having a little fun at their expense with some facebook Ads. Now, I have always had a suspicion Jeter took it for the other team, but this proves it. The Yanks can't even get the copy on their advertisements right how do they expect to win another World Series in the next 100 years? Either way have fun fighting the Jays and Orioles for third place again. Who Rules? Sox Rule!
By the way Jason Bay better have that contract extension signed by the end of the day. There are no excuses Theo. Just do it.

April 27, 2009

Fathers Lock Up Your Daughters!

Look out because Ellsbury-mania is going to erupt. Good was there a girl in the crowd that didn't wet themselves or throw their undies onto the field last night. What a weekend for the Sox.
FYI - Yankees your just got a sweep closed out on your asses by the 2006-07 AA Portland Seadogs. It might be time to start earning your paychecks. With the win streak at 10 and the bats on fire, even without a Papi-jack yet, look out American League the Sox are on a mission.

Bull Sh!%

Game 4 wasn't a cake walk as expected, but the Celtics really let one get away. Or should I say the Refs had a hand in this one??? Why wasn't Miller ejected for throwing a shot at Big Baby for a hard foul? I didn't know instant replay could be used to benefit the home team. It was a hard fought game, but the Celtics just were not putting it together offensively in that second over-time. Pierce refused to acknowledge he wasn't having the game he had in game 3, and missed another huge foul shot. Bet the farm he has a huge game 5. He wasn't exactly getting any calls early on and really hasn't been getting anything Lebron, Kobe, or Derick Rose would all series long. Ray Allen should have kept getting the damn ball. Rajon should have taken it to the rack at the end of the first OT and the game would have been in the C's pocket. Instead the Bulls got back in this thing. Overall the Celtics are looking at having to win 2 out-of 3 and that ain't bad. I like their chances having two at the Gahden. The Green will be out in the 6th man full force no doubt. Will the Celtics finally put together a complete performance? We'll see.

April 21, 2009

19 points, 16 assists and 12 rebounds

The only way to sum up last nights game is in statements:
  • Rajon "Motha F'n" Rondo. (19 points, 16 assists and 12 rebounds)

  • Chicago, You just got Rondo'd

  • Baby taking Big-baby-jumpers

  • PERKenstein is a Beast

  • I'd say Ray Ray is Baaaaaaaaaack!

  • Tommy Heinsohn, in his own words, "Wore out his seat cushion"

  • Mike Gorman is still finishing off the "GOT IT!" from Ray's game winner.

  • Dickerson is still trying to figure out his game notes. "The hills of Welsley?"

  • Ben Gordon is on the cream? Or the clear? Right?

  • Shouldn't Pierce be guarding Gordon in crunch time?

  • Isn't this a "menacing" gang sign and a hefty league fine David Stern?

  • Joakim is the king of all A$$ Clowns.

  • Did Derrick Rose even play last night?

  • Doc where is Tony Allen???

  • It is now safe to jump back on the bandwagon fair weather fans.

  • Game 3 "LET ME HEAR IT!!!"

April 17, 2009

Let me hear IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From the looks of things the Celtics will be without K.G. for this year's playoff run. If you read the headlines they apparently have no chance of a repeat and Lebron is automatically headed for a date with Kobe in the Finals. Well hold the god damn presses just one dang minute. Other than Red's Army everyone is counting the Celtics out and if the 2002 Pats, 2004 Sox, and Rodney Harrison have taught us anything over the years it is that you do not "Count Out" or "Doubt" a Boston title contender under any circumstances.

Let's say K.G. doesn't play, from the looks of the health of Danny Ainge it doesn't look too positive, does that mean this team can't compete??? Well look at the numbers and their opponents before you count the Celtics out of this. Without Garnett the Celtics will no doubt have to rely on Pierce and Ray Ray for offense, as they have since February. Pierce will also have to pull a performance on the likes of Lebron (if he even makes it to the Eastern Conference Finals) and lock him down. The team will need to scrap on defense where they will miss K.G.'s presence the most. The energy level of the Garden fans will have to compensate for the lack of K.G.'s ferocity. I think this team can rise to the occasion. It isn't like they have made excuses up to this point with all the injuries they have suffered and losing K.G. for the better half of the season. When they needed Leon to fill in, he did, when they needed Big Baby to step-up, he did. The X factor in all this is Tony Allen and that may be surprising to some, but this guy is rounding into mid-season form and will be have fresh legs to D up and help Pierce against the likes of the Lebron and D Wade's. If you watched the final games of the season the Celtics never lost focus of their ultimate goals and Simmons is right Doc has coached his ass off this year. Doc will keep these guys together and being counted out and doubted by the rest of the league and the media is only going to fuel their fire.
Do you think Paul Pierce thinks the season is over? Do you think Ray Allen will stop shooting jumpers 8 hours prior to game time? Do you think Rondo will stop dishing sick dimes? Do you think Perk is starting to think about how he's going to feed his 13 kids without that extra playoff cash? NO! Ain't happening not to this team. They are an elite team with K.G., but without him they are still good enough to make another run. It simply comes down to pride and desire. Something Kobe has lost and Lebron may not possess. Maybe I'm a homer. Maybe I'm unrealistic. But, I'm not quiting on this team. No way no how.

By the way does anyone remember this?

P.S. There's also the little part about the Mystique that some may be forgetting...

April 14, 2009


Man, the new Bruins commercials are pretty good. Saw them over at, but this was my favorite one. I may have to watch the playoffs Habs vs. Bruins. I don't think I've watched a game since the debacle in 2004. Maybe this is just what I need to get into it.

And speaking of the Bruins. These bears are not taking any shit from any fat dirty hippie trying to fight for their freedom. Kind of like who Lucic will be treating any Habs wing men.

April 8, 2009

The Balls Are Back In Towwwwwwwwwn!

If there were any questions about Josh "BALLS" Beckett coming back with a monster year they were certainly answered yesterday. Cy Young here he comes. I just hope the Rays don't think they can just cake-walk back to the World Series again. How about Pedroia coming back with a bang as well. Hey it may be game 1 of a 162 game season, but in a division with two legit contenders the Sox & Rays and the reloaded Yanks, every game counts. By the way I'm not buying C.C. sucking it up all season, but good luck to him getting his fat ass out of the grave the N.Y. Media are going to begin to dig for him.

April 6, 2009

Blame It On The Rain. Yeah Yeah

Well looks like the Sox opener has been called. I'm surprised Fenway Incorporated didn't drag out a 6 hour delay in order to sell some suds then call it, but hey a 4 p.m. start is fine by me. Plus I get to save the sick days.

Anyway Take it away Paps and MDC...

April 2, 2009

RAY Don't Hurt Em'

Ray Allen did it again last night taking down the, pesky potential 8 seed, Charlotte Bobcats in the second OT with a clutch three to win it. Is there any question this guy has been this season's Celtics MVP. His resurgance since last year's playoff run has carried the over this entire season. When the Celtics need a big shot Ray is the man by far I want with the ball other than The Truth.
Ray's play this year has reminded me of Mike Lowell's 2007 performance. The old grizzled vet, who everyone says is too old, gets the job done consistently over the season. Hopefully Ray isn't just looking for a contract and doesn't have hip problems like Lowell. I personally don't think he is by any means done. With a shot like his he could be like a Reggie Miller for the rest of his career. The thing is he hasn't stopped taking it to the rack yet. For a 33 year old he is proving the NBA age theories wrong. His stats are up in almost every category especially minutes. Doc has needed to lean on him over this injury stretch and Ray has carried himself brilliantly. I only worry that he may need some rest in the final few games.

I always liked this guy even when he played for other teams. He is a throw back player fundamentally strong, great work ethic, and classy. This year he is proving to be the Celtic's team MVP. Hopefully he can keep the magic going into the playoffs because the C's will need his minutes and scoring the way the injury bug has been hounding the team. Bring on the playoffs!

Frankly My Dear

What the hell is this??? The Sox are shopping out our beloved Fenway Franks to Kayem. This is the biggest change at Fenway since the Monster seats. Well I have news for the wiener makers over at Kayem. Don't F with my Dogs.

When I go to the game I don't care about the color or taste of the Fenway Frank. To me it is more about the experience that goes along with the dog then the taste or nutritional value. Fenway Franks could have been filled with cow dung and I still would have had my 2 dog quota every visit. No other hot dog ever lived up to the hype like the Fenway Frank. Even when I would cook the packed ones at home they couldn't match the delicious steamed goodness of those that the men and women in yellow shirts dished out at baseball's cathedral. So Kayem don't mess this one up. So far I'm wary since those things look way to long for the bun and are not fat and plump like the old Sara Lee or whatever company used to make em. Kayem you've been warned. Don't blow it! ...Go Sox!

March 31, 2009

Shut 'em Down

Doc has announced that the Celtics will be shutting down K.G. which is a smart decision since the Celtics are a sure lock for the playoffs and they sure as hell are not catching the Cavs. Let Lebron and his posse keep rolling in meaningless regular season games while the C's rest the troops for another post-season run. Really I'm more concerned about Leon Powe getting healthy then K.G. Right now K.G. is like a starving caged tiger that's trainer has been taunting with fresh meat. That fresh meat is the gold ball and K.G. hasn't fed that hunger fully just yet. Nobody wants to be on the court more than K.G. and you can bet you bottom dollar that knee will be as healthy as Paul Pierces was against the Cavs in last year's Eastern Conference Finals "wheel chair" game.

The Celtics haven't really played that well and have been winning. Even the games they haven't won or played that well in they have fought back like the Magic game two Sunday's ago. The chemistry has been off since Marbury came on board, K.G. went down, and Powe's injury. Hopefully Doc and Danny got together and figured out getting the team healthy will be alot more beneficial then having home court come playoff time. Potential match ups NY, Charlotte, or Indiana are not taking down this Celtics team and that's without a healthy K.G. Chicago might be crafty enough to win a couple against the C's but they are not taking down this Celtics team at

the Garden. No way. No how. Hopefully the rest is a calculated risk, which I believe it is on the part of Doc and Danny. While they're at it I hope they don't forget to give Paul, Rondo, and especially a heavily played Sugar Ray. The only things that can stop the C's in my opinion are injuries or the Cavs. Hopefully neither come in their way to Green 18. How nice does that sound?

Hopefully we'll be seeing the "Big" picture again in 2009...

March 25, 2009

Time for some Porn Legend

Get me a God Damn Ford ESCORT NOW! How porn was Larry Legend I mean the Rodman dealership must have hit an all-time sales mark for Ford Escorts after this commercial ran. I know my mom had one.

P.S. Huge C's game tonight don't think K.G. doesn't get 30-35 solid minutes. I'm looking in your direction Stan VanGundy's porn stache.

Thanks to

March 23, 2009

Say it ain't so Big Schill

Curt Schilling has officially announced retirement today. Is it a sad day? No. Was it his time? Yes. Is he the best "Big Game" pitcher that I've ever watched? YES! Other than Beckett, Roger, and Pedro there hasn't been a bigger pitcher to come through Boston in the past 20 years. Maybe he wasn't the most like able character due to his opinions on virtually every subject or a fan favorite, but tell me if there were ever a guy you'd rather have on the mound in a game seven.
Big Schill or "Balls", as me and my buddies called him, gave the Sox all he had every game and is probably losing year's off his career for the performance he pulled in the 2004 ALCS. I've heard the debate regarding his Hall of Fame credentials and whether he has the numbers to get in. My answer to that is he has the rings and "HUGE GAMES" and should get in on his Balls alone. Schilling was a throw back type of pitcher. He didn't have the fastest fastball or the best stuff other than his cutter, but he knew his opponents better than they knew themselves. He brought professionalism to the Sox and if you don't think Theo took notice of his bookkeeping skills just look at the program they're running in Pawtucket and Portland right now. Every guy keeps detailed notes of each game, inning, and pitch to the Nth degree. Schill brought that and he'll admit he wasn't always such a student of the game. He made himself into the true professional. He did what it took to prepare for each start and never made excuses for his bad starts. Just look at the time when he was coming back from his first injury where the Yanks and A-Rod pounded him in closing duties.

Or just look at the 87-year old curse he guaranteed he'd come here to break. That performance stands out as probably the biggest turning point in the Red-Sox Yankee rivalry along with the Tek/A-Rod brawl and Bill Mueller's Game winning shot. When Schill gutted out the "Bloody Sock" game he was making a statement that the Sox were not going to get kicked around anymore they were not going to fail this time. As a fan there was nothing more energizing or comforting. You were happy to have him on your side one of the greatest Yankee-killers of all time. Since then the Sox haven't blinked an eye at handling their rival it hasn't even been a contest. You have to be kidding me if you are not a Schilling fan. I've never understood why people hate the guy so much. I think alot of people forget this is the guy who carried us after Pedro couldn't dominate like he did during the '99-2000 seasons. I'm not saying he's better than Pedro, because he isn't, but he certainly is up there on the short list of Sox pitching legends. I'm not saying he's the Sox only big game pitcher ever either, because Pedro also had some memorable performances. But, you have to be kidding me if you don't think this guy is getting in the Hall or if he's not one of your favorite Sox of all time.
Here are Schill's own words on his retirement which I think sum his career up the best:
"The only thing I hope I did was never put in question my love for the game, or my passion to be counted on when it mattered most," Schilling wrote on his blog. "I did everything I could to win every time I was handed the ball."
In 19 postseason starts, (Schilling) compiled an 11-2 record with a 2.23 ERA, striking out 120 batters in 133.1 innings while allowing just 104 hits. His teams won 10 of the 12 playoff series he pitched in.

March 19, 2009

March Madness

Between the Sox losing guys in the meaningless WBC, The C's dropping like flies, and The NCAA tournament simmering on the hot stove I believe March is Madness! All I can say is Pedroia and Youk better better not run out of gas the second half of the year the Sox will need their bats. Pierce is going to need a break in the next few weeks from carrying the C's offense without K.G. and now Ray Allen. As for the tourney of my three brackets I have the Tar Heels winning two and Memphis the other. No real upsets I just didn't see many. However I do like Villanova making a run perhaps to the final four or the elite 8 at the very least. Syracuse is getting picked to go too far in too many brackets. Where will these guys get their legs. Duke you will not rain on my final four parade for the third straight year, I don't have them past the elite 8 in any bracket. Finally BC will make some noise even though many believe their seeded too high. Rice is one of those D Wade types that can put the ball in the bucket. Why does everyone forget you only need one guy on fire to win a few in the tourney.
I leave you with the Manny "moment" of the day...

March 16, 2009


So the rumor this afternoon is Julius Peppers to the Pats for the Pats second round 34th overall pick.
Excuse me I just vomited all over myself. Also my pants are a little overwhelmed can someone get me a tissue? What a rumor. I can't believe this could happen, but the Pats time and time again make big moves when it comes to adding big name guys. I mean the guy in the picture doesn't look like a solid pick-up right? He's probably the best receiver of all time and that's putting him at 1B next to 1A Jerry Rice. Of course Ten Ruling Ben Coates and the greatest hands of all time. I mean what did it take to get Moss a 4th rounder? The recession really is driving up prices, but I guess the Pats will have to settle for turning a 2nd rounder into a proven vet with this as his NFL resume.
I'll stop there before I pass out at my computer. Straight Cash Homey!

It's All The Same

This is pretty much on every site, blog, and message board around the net, so I figured I'd take time away from filling out brackets and not working to post it. Hopefully Weiss comes back to run a solid offense after the Notre Dame experiment ends. By the way love the Galloway signing.

March 13, 2009

I want to ride my bicycle.

How can you not miss this. Manny gets scratched from the Dodgers lineup with wait for it Sox fans... "Tight Hamstrings" and then this video. Say what you want, but this guy is a piece of work. Love it. Have fun Dodger faithful, have fun.

Manny being Manny! All that is missing is the Benny Hill theme

March 12, 2009

Papelbon Cures Cancer

I'll admit I'm a Manny' ac. I loved the signing in 2001, his years of dominance, and even the laughable antics. But, judging from Papelbon's latest comments. Looks like it was time for Manny to go. You know when a guy as fiery and competitive as Pap's goes on the record to call Manny, the greatest hitter the Sox have had since Yaz, a cancer you can bet there were a few issues. I always thought some of the antics Manny pulled were blown up by the media. I knew he was just one of those guys like "Space Man" Bill Lee who just marches to the beat of a different drum. As long as he was hitting I could stand the clown routine as a fan. I never knew it was bothering his teammates to this extent though in the clubhouse. In a way it is ironic to see the Sox change from the 2004 team to the current team. Maybe they were all idiots in 2004 and could handle Manny's behavior and lack of respect for the game and the image of the team. It is definitely a different atmosphere in Fenway these days. Papelbon, Pedroia, Youk, and the rest of the team have a "strictly business" mentality. The don't mess around and winning as a team is the mantra. Manny just doesn't fit into the new vibe and that's OK, I guess. But, as a fan wouldn't it be more fun to see Manny play out his days in a Sox uniform. After all he's done for us this is the way it all ends. Don't get me wrong I'm not defending his childish behavior or the shots he took at the fans and the team, simply being nostalgic about the best hitter I've seen in my lifetime.

By the way I love that Pap's in the new voice of the team...

"... And for him not to be on the same page as the rest of the team was a killer, man! It just takes one guy to bring an entire team down, and that’s exactly what was happening. Once we saw that, we weren’t afraid to get rid of him. It’s like cancer. That’s what he was. Cancer. He had to go. It sucked, but that was the only scenario that was going to work. That was it for us. And after, you could feel it in the air in the clubhouse. We got Jason Bay — Johnny Ballgame, plays the game right, plays through broken knees, runs out every ground ball — and it was like a breath of fresh air, man! Awesome! No question." -- Jonathan Papelbon goes off on LA Ram

March 5, 2009

What do you mean Larry Bird wasn't Black?

Interesting tid-bits from this article , from Seth Davis' book, about Billy Packer, CBS, and Larry Bird from the legendary 1979 NCAA March Madness.

This story is legendary! Figures "Big Shot" Bobby Heaton is on one of the sickest stories (there are millions more) about Bird you'd ever hear. If you'll excuse me I have to go vomit in my waste basket...

"One of reasons college basketball fans were drawn to the compelling 1979 national championship game between Indiana State and Michigan State was the diverging opinion NBC-TV broadcasters Al McGuire and Billy Packer had about Indiana State.
In his new book, "When March Went Mad: The Game That Transformed Basketball," author Seth Davis chronicles the differences McGuire and Packer had about the No. 1 worthiness of the Sycamores.
"Packer spent much of the season casting doubt as to whether Indiana State was really as perfect as its record indicated," Davis writes.
In February of that season, when No. 1 Notre Dame lost to No. 3 UCLA, Jim Simpson asked his partners for that game, McGuire and Packer, if No. 2 Indiana State deserved to move to the top spot.
McGuire said yes; Packer said no.
"I knew Al didn't know a player on Indiana State except Larry Bird, and he had never seen them play," Packer tells Davis. "I said, how can you make that statement? Who have they played? How can they be number one?"
So unpopular was Packer in Terre Haute, Ind., that NBC decided not to send him to Indiana State's last home game, against Wichita State. McGuire and Simpson handled it. Indiana State won, 109-84, and viewers finally got to see Bird play.
Up to this point, Davis writes, many people thought Bird was black.
"All the next week I got lots of calls from my friends back in Denver who saw the game," said Bob Heaton, Bird's roommate and teammate. "They couldn't believe Larry Bird was a white guy."
Packer warmed to Bird and Indiana State when he called two of their games in successive weeks.
"He was slow and couldn't jump, but I saw the son of a gun can really pass, and he's tough and nasty," Packer said."

Teddy Ballgame

Teddy Ballgame
#9 on the field #1 in our hearts.