September 4, 2009

Time To Boat Race

With the preseason garbage over, although the gmen/pats week 4 game was a battle, time to get the Labor day drank on and go boat racing into the season. 19-0 is just a possibility it will be a reality. Make note all you Brady/ Pats haters. The hooded one can take a Matt Cassel lead team team to a 11-5 near playoff team, just wait for Tommy Terrific to take the reigns back and take us to the promise land. The job isn't finished. It is time to DO YOUR JOB!

September 1, 2009

Devil Ray Fans I'm Calling You Out

WTF is up with the god damn Devil Ray fans? This is your last shot at the AL Wild Card leading Red Sox and you can't fill that dump of a stadium? Where the hell are your little cow bells now hunh? What Hulk Hogan and Brian Nobbs couldn't make this one? Where the hell is Dickey V when you need him? What the hell is up with this piss poor showing you pansies. To think we were one Josh Beckett injury away from sweeping the Phillies. Ha come on you call yourself a team. I'd give you half a chance if Longoria's Batting Average was above the Mendoza line. All the hype from last year and you can't get a capacity crowd when the real champs are in town. What do those seats cost $20? $25?

August 31, 2009

Do Your Job

While not doing my job. I had the pleasure of watching Belichick speak fondly about Mr. Patriot Teddy Bruschi. Alot will be discussed about Bruschi's impact on the pats, but you can't deny that he personified the Pats dynasty. From the underdog world shocking 2002 Superbowl team to the dominant defenses of the 2004 and 2005 Superbowl Champs it was Bruschi who anchored the line-backing core. When the Pats needed a big play Bruschi would step up. He wasn't the best player on the field, but he'd be damned if anyone worked harder and gave more. In an age where players care more about their health and paychecks Bruschi proved you could work hard for success even if that meant jeopardizing your future to being confined to a hospital bed. Not even a stroke could keep Teddy from returning to the game he loved. I'm proud to say I had the opportunity see this man play and I emphasize the word "MAN!"

Teddy Ballgame

Teddy Ballgame
#9 on the field #1 in our hearts.