September 12, 2008

Haters keep on hating it. The Pats keep on takin it.

I read a nice little article (check out the Pats hater's comments) today about the Pats vs. Jets rivalry, if you can even call it that. By now we all know the Pats vs. Jets has reached Hatfield vs. McCoy status over the past year. The latest assault on the Pats being Mangina tattling over a video camera on the field. Well it is a great story but, a rivalry it is Not.

I've had many debates just like this regarding the Sox and Yankees, before 2004. As a Sox fan I had to accept that it wasn't a rivalry until both teams win something. The Sox finally brought the Sox/Yanks into rivalry territory by winning the historical 2004 ALCS. But, can you justify the Jets being the Pats rival when the Pats have manhandled them over the past decade? No, until the Jets win a meaningful game against the Pats they will not be our rivals only our arch Nemesis. Right now the Jets are merely a pain in Belichicks ass. It all started with the Big Tuna screwing the Pats in 1996 and hasn't stopped since. That brings us to this Sunday's game at, Jimmy Hoffa's tomb, The Meadowlands. (Aren't they Technically the New Jersey Jets) With the Jets spending millions to beef up against the Pats in the off season the pressure is on Mangina, Bret Favre, and company to finally beat the Pats. They knew they couldn't do it with Tommy leading the Pats (7-0 against the Jets at the Meadowlands since 2000), so they smell blood with Cassel coming in. This game is technically bigger for the Jets. If they win they gain confidence that they can hang with the Pats. If they lose it will be all over the papers that they couldn't get it done with against a Pats team lead by a guy who hasn't started a game since NSync was still selling out stadiums. It would be a devastating loss for the Jets, one I'm anxiously awaiting.

See what people fail to see about any Patriots team is that they thrive on being the underdog. They revel in the hate and despise other teams and fans have for the organization. They play with a chip on their shoulder even when they're the favorite and people overlooked that last year. Why do you think they were running up the score on every one's asses? Because they felt majorly disrespected by all the "Spygate" coverage. People were doubting the Patriots and all their success and most notably Belichick was taking daily shots on the chin from the media, other team's players, and fans. Well losing Tom Brady will only intensify the Pats feeling of being counted out, disrespected, and doubted. If you have watched the Belichick era closely you have seen it. When the Pats are underestimated or slighted the team collectively takes it personally. Pats vs. Jets is personal. It is almost as if talking about the Patriots in a negative manner is like talking trash about Rodney Harrison's grandma. Or telling Teddy Bruschi his kids are ugly.
Ellis Hobbs summed it up perfectly:
“It’s a different challenge all the time, but it’s the same concept, it’s always doubt,” Hobbs said. “Nothing is more thrilling to opposition — fans, teams — than to doubt on somebody who has been there time and again. We look at it as opportunity to prove them wrong.”
Well NY and the Jets you are about to see how the Pats react to adversity. The wagons have been circling around Cassel all week at Foxboro and this is one fight that won't be won easily. Don't forget this game takes 11 guys playing as one. No coach gets his players to understand that better than Belichick. Keep trying to pretend you're going to see a Superbowl with Mangina, but deep down you know you can't beat the Pats.

For Jets fans, You hate us because you want to be us.

September 11, 2008

Can't we just take this Division Already!

This video is about the only thing that is taking my mind off of the terrible series against the Rays.  The Sox let two games slip away and with them their AL East momentum.  The Rays now have the confidence that they can win at Fenway.  So does it even matter if the Sox win the division?  It still does, but what would Cousin Larry say?????

This explains it all

Here is the "alleged" cover of Madden 08 or what at least should have been the cover. Of course this was before everyone started falling all over themselves with the Bret Favre retirement/ screwing of the Packers fiasco.
Certainly makes sense doesn't it.

I've come to the conclusion this year will be beneficial for the organization as a whole. We will finally get to see Belichick work his magic without his golden boy. If the Pats go 9-7, 10-6, or hopefully better (19-0) then the Belichick haters will have to acknowledge he is the best coach in NFL history. Plus the season will be a roller coaster nail bitter again like the old days.
Speaking of the old days think number 11 will be brought in? I don't think he's blogging anymore maybe he's hitting the weights ready for a Rocky Esq. comeback. I'm hoping to hell so! Honestly Cassel should be better than any other bum they could pick-up at this point. Besides I'd rather have him knowing and running this offense over Vince Young, Tavarius Jackson, David Garrad, Chad Pennington, J.T. O'Sullivan, Kyle Ortnon or any other clueless free agent. Face it without Brady the NFL is gonna have a pretty average year at best. Can you say "Parity"? Don't even try to tell me to worry about San Diago "A Whales Vagina" maybe a little worried about Steeltown, but that's about it. Bottom lin the Pats can hang with evey other team.

September 10, 2008

1 UP

This is probably the greatest innovation in video games history, science, or mankind;  since the power pad.  Check out the video below of a giant coffee table NES controller.  Yes,  original Nintendo the greatest gaming system EVER!  Imagine playing Tecmo Superbowl, Excite Bike, or Tyson's Punch Out on this bad boy. Plus how cool would it be just to have this as a coffee table.  I'm sure all the geek chicks would be loving this bad boy.  This guy will make hundreds, no thousands off of this idea.  Or Nintendo will sue his ass for copy right infringement, Right?.  

Anyway this is bigger than that proton accelerator/ atom smasher thing anyhow.  That is if the world still exists?  They didn't send us all into a black hole for eternity right?  Maybe this explains the Brady injury and the TB Rays in first place.  Can this thing take us back in time? So many questions.  But the Nintendo coffee table controller is way cooler and obviously a bigger innovation for mankind.   And I thought I was a tech geek.

Red Headed Step Problem Child

Damn, That was a tough loss.  The Sox had em on the ropes with a huge two run homer by Jason Bay.  Then Paps gives up a homer to Don...Dan Johnson? and the shit hits the fan.  Paps was throwing gas but the pesky Rays found a way to pull more late inning heroics from their asses.  This guy, Johnson, was in AAA ball an hour before the game
 and comes up and jacks one off  Pap's 96 mph cheese.  Are these guys chasing the impossible dream?  
Man tonights game better go well or this division could slip away.  When you get them by the throat you have to finish them and the Sox let that chance slip away last nig
ht.  They had the lead after another smoke and mirrors Dice K performance had some good middle relief from Manny and Oki and Paps blows it.  Go Figure! 

At least captain Josh "Huge Balls" Beckett is on the hill tonight.  Hopefully the Sox can get back
 on the horse and put a dagger in these guys.  I don't think I could stand another loss this week after the Brady injury and trying to talk myself into thinking Cassel can win 8-11 games I don't think my stomach could take it. Hopefully I don't have to turn to the bottle.  This could get ugly. 

Time to beat the Rays like the Red headed step child they are.

September 9, 2008

Sox Therapy

After the horrible Sunday afternoon and Monday morning here in Title town we needed the Sox to take our minds off the Pats lost chance for perfection.  Well they took game one of the three game set at Fenway against the Rays.  While it didn't sop the pain it certainly reminded us that the Sox haven't had the last word in the AL East race yet.  Granted Edwin Jackson fared little a chance against Lester the way he's been dealing this year, but the Sox took an early 3 run lead and that was it.  Taking the division from these guys might be easier than I thought a week or two ago.  The Sox are hitting their collective stride at the right time and the Rays are showing little fight.  These guys deserve respect?  To quote Pedro "Who the hell is Gerald!"  

Thanks NY Post you just gave the Pats the best possible bulletin board material. Ohh and Bret thanks for also digging your nose in our business talking about the injury. See this isn't the NFC Central. The Pats won't roll over for your royal highness. I know ESPN pretty much blows you any chance they get; did you listen to the 1 billion references during the Packers Vikes game last night? See your in the Patriots backyard now and unfortunately the Pats defense will be taking out any slights against them on you number 4. You would never see the Boston Herald or the Globe celebrate when Pennington went down for the 50th time over the past 8 years. Hell they have enough on their hands at the Herald making up shit about the Pats. Mr. Thomase I'm looking in your general direction. I mean when Michael Felger takes the moral highroad and leaves your publication you may have some issues. I say screw all major newspapers. Viva el Bloggers!

September 8, 2008

Let the Hate Pour Down

I knew the Patriot haters would rejoice with the injury to Brady and premature reports of the end of the Pats Dynasty are begining.  Would someone do me a favor and post this not only on the Pats bulletin board, but directly in eyesight of Rodney:

Look this Pats team is still good enough without Brady to win 8-12 games.  Let's not get ahead of ourselves here and proclaim the demise of the Dynasty.  

What the F***! Think Positive

At about 1:15 p.m. yesterday the Pats season took the blow of all blows. The franchise went down with what is speculated to be a torn ACL. I like everyone else knew this was the absolute worst case scenario going into game one of the season. With the back up play of Cassel the Pats surely would take a huge hit, Right? Well all is not lost this team can win without Tommy, but will they win another Lombardi? Who knows? Will they win the AFC East? Tough to tell. Are the Pats still good enough to make a run? Yes! Losing Brady is devastating, but this team has enough play makers and Vets to make it to the playoffs at the very least. Fighting back thoughts of bridge jumping and looking at the positives you can see this benefits the team concept of the old school Patriots mentality.

Note to the kids: This is not how you tackle a franchise QB and face of the NFL.
Over the past 6 years the Pats have lived and died by #12. They have been a favorite to win the Superbowl the last going into the last two seasons. The point is Evey Pats fan knows Belichick teams play better as underdogs or at the least doubted. It may sound crazy, but I see the Pats feeling slighted that people will now downgrade their chances to win. Who would say the Pats can win the championship now? The Patriot doubters and haters will now come out full force and point their F'ing fingers, but the Pats won't quit. There is still a job to do and every guy in that locker room will tell you that. There won't be anyone feeling sorry for them and they know it. Does losing their franchise QB hurt their chances? Yes, but do they feel like they can't win big games when it is all on the line, NO. It will be an interesting season if Tommy doesn't take another snap. You will see Belichick bring out the Defenses best this year and see the offense find a new identity. Like it or not Cassel can be productive if he doesn't try to do too much. He's not in there to prove he's better than Brady he is in there to win games. Plus he still has weapons in Moss, Welker, and the four headed running attack of Maroney, Morris, Jordan, and Faulk. If Moss keeps his head up and stays motivated things on offense will be above average, not the record breaking stuff we remember from last year or hoped for this year. This year will be about the defense and I know I'm excited to see what they can do. I really liked what they showed against the Chiefs, yes I know it's the Chiefs, yesterday and they can build on that last big stand.

Is the Pats season over? No Did they loose a year of Brady? Probably Will the fans suffer? Possibly, but I'll assure you this season will be exciting to watch like the 2002 team was. At least I hope it is.

Teddy Ballgame

Teddy Ballgame
#9 on the field #1 in our hearts.