September 10, 2008

1 UP

This is probably the greatest innovation in video games history, science, or mankind;  since the power pad.  Check out the video below of a giant coffee table NES controller.  Yes,  original Nintendo the greatest gaming system EVER!  Imagine playing Tecmo Superbowl, Excite Bike, or Tyson's Punch Out on this bad boy. Plus how cool would it be just to have this as a coffee table.  I'm sure all the geek chicks would be loving this bad boy.  This guy will make hundreds, no thousands off of this idea.  Or Nintendo will sue his ass for copy right infringement, Right?.  

Anyway this is bigger than that proton accelerator/ atom smasher thing anyhow.  That is if the world still exists?  They didn't send us all into a black hole for eternity right?  Maybe this explains the Brady injury and the TB Rays in first place.  Can this thing take us back in time? So many questions.  But the Nintendo coffee table controller is way cooler and obviously a bigger innovation for mankind.   And I thought I was a tech geek.

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Teddy Ballgame

Teddy Ballgame
#9 on the field #1 in our hearts.