September 12, 2008

Haters keep on hating it. The Pats keep on takin it.

I read a nice little article (check out the Pats hater's comments) today about the Pats vs. Jets rivalry, if you can even call it that. By now we all know the Pats vs. Jets has reached Hatfield vs. McCoy status over the past year. The latest assault on the Pats being Mangina tattling over a video camera on the field. Well it is a great story but, a rivalry it is Not.

I've had many debates just like this regarding the Sox and Yankees, before 2004. As a Sox fan I had to accept that it wasn't a rivalry until both teams win something. The Sox finally brought the Sox/Yanks into rivalry territory by winning the historical 2004 ALCS. But, can you justify the Jets being the Pats rival when the Pats have manhandled them over the past decade? No, until the Jets win a meaningful game against the Pats they will not be our rivals only our arch Nemesis. Right now the Jets are merely a pain in Belichicks ass. It all started with the Big Tuna screwing the Pats in 1996 and hasn't stopped since. That brings us to this Sunday's game at, Jimmy Hoffa's tomb, The Meadowlands. (Aren't they Technically the New Jersey Jets) With the Jets spending millions to beef up against the Pats in the off season the pressure is on Mangina, Bret Favre, and company to finally beat the Pats. They knew they couldn't do it with Tommy leading the Pats (7-0 against the Jets at the Meadowlands since 2000), so they smell blood with Cassel coming in. This game is technically bigger for the Jets. If they win they gain confidence that they can hang with the Pats. If they lose it will be all over the papers that they couldn't get it done with against a Pats team lead by a guy who hasn't started a game since NSync was still selling out stadiums. It would be a devastating loss for the Jets, one I'm anxiously awaiting.

See what people fail to see about any Patriots team is that they thrive on being the underdog. They revel in the hate and despise other teams and fans have for the organization. They play with a chip on their shoulder even when they're the favorite and people overlooked that last year. Why do you think they were running up the score on every one's asses? Because they felt majorly disrespected by all the "Spygate" coverage. People were doubting the Patriots and all their success and most notably Belichick was taking daily shots on the chin from the media, other team's players, and fans. Well losing Tom Brady will only intensify the Pats feeling of being counted out, disrespected, and doubted. If you have watched the Belichick era closely you have seen it. When the Pats are underestimated or slighted the team collectively takes it personally. Pats vs. Jets is personal. It is almost as if talking about the Patriots in a negative manner is like talking trash about Rodney Harrison's grandma. Or telling Teddy Bruschi his kids are ugly.
Ellis Hobbs summed it up perfectly:
“It’s a different challenge all the time, but it’s the same concept, it’s always doubt,” Hobbs said. “Nothing is more thrilling to opposition — fans, teams — than to doubt on somebody who has been there time and again. We look at it as opportunity to prove them wrong.”
Well NY and the Jets you are about to see how the Pats react to adversity. The wagons have been circling around Cassel all week at Foxboro and this is one fight that won't be won easily. Don't forget this game takes 11 guys playing as one. No coach gets his players to understand that better than Belichick. Keep trying to pretend you're going to see a Superbowl with Mangina, but deep down you know you can't beat the Pats.

For Jets fans, You hate us because you want to be us.

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