June 27, 2008

You can pick your players. You can pick your nose. But, you can't pick your player's noses.

With the 30th pick in the 2008 NBA Draft the World Champion Boston Celtics Draft J.R. Giddens...The crowd goes wild.

"The Celtics select New Mexico senior guard J.R. Giddens with the #30 pick in the 2008 NBA Draft. Giddens averaged 16.3 PPG and 8.8 RPG last season while shooting 52% from the floor. Giddens shared Mountain West Conference Co-Player of the Year honors as a senior. He also earned First Team All-Conference honors."-Celtics.com

I like the pick. Like I said before they didn't need a big man they needed a roll player. Giddens looks like he can handle himself offensively and you got to love the up fakes he showed. He's a senior so you know he's ready to contribute off the bench immediatley. With the question marks at back-up point and 2 guard this pick makes great sense. Apparently he can D it up which doesn't hurt if Posey and Tony Allen both find better offers in free agency. The only negatives are some character issues, but hey Tony Allen was gang banging in Chi town, Paul Pierce got shived about 50 times (apparently he has that in common with Paul) in a pool hall and look how that turned out. He also is a former Jay Hawk who transfered after the whole Roy Williams defection. He took some criticism for his behavior from KU and moved onto the Lobos where his character was again addressed, but he turned it around and that shows he has matured. Maybe this 1 year of college rule is working for the NBA...Baby Truth anyone?????

Pour Some Sugar On ME!

As for the 47th pick the C's sent cash to Washington for the rights to K State's Billy Walker. This trade has Red's signature all over it. Does Danny hear Red's voice in his sleep? From what I heard during March Madness (Jay Bilas loves his length) Walker was a great second option to Beasley and he also played ball with O.J. Mayo in high school. He might be a Ben Wallace with better dunkability or maybe an Acie Earle ; no couldn't be right? I've always been a fan of guys who can take it to the rack and I may be more excited about this guy than Giddens. Time will tell.

Ohh Baby I like it RAAWWWWWWWWW!

By the way how dorky does Keving Love look in that?

With the last pick they drafted Lane Staley of Alice in Chains. A tall guy from Turkey hunh...well I guess all that Championship partying and champagne hangovers might have factored into this pick. What the hell the C's will run the table for the next 5 years anyway.

By the way how is Paul Pierce going to play with one hand next year?

June 26, 2008

The Truth

I have to say this Celtics World Champs thing is starting to settle into my brain. I can't believe all the Celtics went through especially Paul Pierce to get Green 17. Pierce def got a place in my top ten Celtics of all time with Russel, Cousey, McHale, Hondo, and Cowens...Ten Ruling* Larry Legend of course. The way he elevated his level against the Lakers this year made everyone see what my friends and I saw a glimps of back in 2002 against the Nets. Pierce won me over that year and a slew of bad teams mired his legend until this year. I remember arguing with a guy in college that Pierce was better than T-Mac. This was during the 2003 season mind you when everyone was riding T-Mac's jock. This year answers any critics questions.

I knew Pierce was the leader and franchise player T-Mac never could be. You can't coach greatness.

*Ten Rule - refers to Pearl Jam's album Ten quite possible the closest thing to perfection the world has ever seen/ heard therefore it does not have to be ranked for it is automatically above all else.

Here is some great Truth stuff-

2002 Playing out of this world "The Comeback" (man that was a fun run)

The Truth "GangSta!"

Englewood always up to no good.

Pierce Lighting it up

The Truth on Jimmy

Let me HERE IT!

Don't sleep on The Truth! His best is yet to come.


These are just a couple of great tirades eveyone should have the pleasure of viewing.

What better way to fight the man then taking it to a town hall meeting for all to enjoy.

This guy is just a straight out bat shit crazy. My buddy and I cracked up for a solid hour after viewing this beauty.

Rainy Day Fenway

I absolutly have to post this vid of Paps and Manny Delcarmen. No explaination needed. Blame it on the RAin!

Man how good are the Sox right now. I mean Papi has been down for like a month and Manny has been in a purple haze for a couple weeks, but they keep raking. I expected .500 baseball at the most but Lowell has been leading the way. With some nice resurgences from J.D. "Don't call me Nancy" Drew and Coco; who has been gangsta the ever since getting pig piled on by the Rays. By the way is Craig Hansen worth the money now? I'm not even that depressed that Big Schill a.k.a. "Balls" may have to retire with his arm hanging by spaghettie strands. And man those are some HUGE Balls!

Thank you folks I'll be here till Tuesday!

Celtics: Pickers can't be choosers

NBA draft is tonight boy!
The question remaining after the Championship haze we have all been in is...What do the C's need? The short answer is youth. Many of the experts are picking the C's to go big with PF or C's like Roy Hibbert (Eric Montross? Who I may now erase from memory banks) who may slid down to the C's. I don't think he would be there, but we already have Perk as our slow defensive force and Leon can play that back-up center who can bang inside in the East. Why draft another Perk? I see a bigger hole to fill with Ray Ray at the SG or with back-up PG's. Ray had a great year coming off jacked up ankles which didn't bother him noticeably. You gotta wonder though when does his tank begin to run dry. Now I know he is a hard worker, but retirement has to be on his mind at some point with a ring on his finger. (I can't wait for the rings are they going to be like RunDMC five finger pieces or what!) I know we have Tony Allen, but he is about as reliable as Fema at a Tornado/Hurricane orgy. Posey and Eddie house are both on the market and you have to think someone will dump big bucks on them unless the C's overpay. Let's face it Sam Cassell was a great team player, he never took a selfish shot, and he definetly didn't look like a damn X-Files character, but he's gone. So it may be time to look at a roll playing hybrid guard.

If Posey doesn't come back which is option 1A then option 1B has to be to get someone who can D it up and shoot the tre. People are saying it isn't a deep draft, but that doesn't mean you can't find roll players which the C's just happen to be in need of. It seems Danny is always looking for the best basketball player and seldom goes for the freak of nature (Gerald Green). I see him taking a SG with the 3oth pick even though he has stated on WEEI that he would like to re-sign Posey.

Over at Red's Army (must read for any Celtics fan). They are liking the Hoya Hibbert, but I don't think he can fall that far someone will take an early swipe at him for sure. Here are some other Mock Draft picks, From "The Experts".
"Here’s a list of several mock drafts and the player slated for the Celtics:
ESPN / RealGM /NBC - Courtney Lee - SG/Western Kentucky
SI - Roy Hibbert - C/Georgetown
NBA Draft.net /Yahoo - JJ Hickson - PF/NC. State
HoopsWorld / CBS - Devon Hardin - PF/Cal
Sporting News - Trent Plaisted - PF/C - BYU
Inside Hoops - Richard Hendrix - PF - Alabama
Of all those players, Hibbert is the only one I’ve seen play. I know his stock has dropped dramatically since last year’s draft, but I would love the C’s to select this Hoya." -

Now these are some interesting picks, because I've barely heard of any of these dudes. Sounds like a little overthinking. Now if I'm sitting at 30 and I see anyone from the Memphis or Kansas squad wouldn't I have to take a shot at them?
Another lond shot is Brandon Rush. Rush sticks out at me as a perfect NBA roll player. A guy who can be a star, but is very comfortable playing his roll. He d's it up and is an almost Truth'ish in his ability to take it to the hoop. I mean the guy has the credentials and certainly go it done in college. But, that is probably just a dream and it would take a trade by the C's who I don't think are willing to go anywhere near the top 15 as far as budgets go.

Chad Ford is picking this dude??? Now I know the game is expanding and the world is flat but comon would the C's need another white guy to sit on the bench when we still have Scal and Planet Pollard to waive the towels. I'm just not so big on the Euro's. (Sorry Dino).

I have heard the C's want to make a bigger effort on the free agent market.
I could see a Chris Duhon, Doc would be all over this type of guy, and I would think he would fit in just right talent, chemistry, and salary wise for what hole Danny needs to fill. DeSagana Diop is an option by virtue of a great name alone. You could always take some scraps from the Spurs who have gotten it done with Duncan and roll players like: Brent Barry , Michael Finley , Robert Horry , Kurt Thomas all up for free agency . I would imagine they all would come with some hefty veteran price tags, but they have all been to the mountain top.

Or the C's could just take someone from the proverbial buffet table:
FREE AGENT SG's: Gerald Green (Dee Brown Jr.), Dahntay Jones, Julius Hodge (Wasn't this guy a top 5 player at NC State?), Luke Jackson (wasn't he the next Nash?), Keith Langford, Tarence Kinsey, Allan Ray (would love to see him back), James White, Desmon Farmer, David Wesley (ahh the Glory Days), Richie Frahm, Qyntel Woods, Dajuan Wagner, Dion Glover, Penny Hardaway ("A dollah fifty? Good Lahd that's alot of Money!
, Doug Christie (whipped).

Here are the FREE AGENT PG's: Troy Hudson (did K.G. like him? he seems like an eddie house type scorer) , Andre Barrett, Gary Payton, Randy Livingston, Orien Greene, Eddie Gill, Guillermo Diaz, Darius Washington, Dee Brown (Come back Dee!), Jay Williams (the dirt bike kid), Corey Williams, Frank Williams, Gerry McNamara (G-MAC), Yuta Tabuse, Mateen Cleaves, Troy Bell

So I guess the Celtics just need to sit back and wait and see at 30 and 60. Personally I would trade the pick if you couldn't get a quality 2 guard or back-up point guard. But, what does any of this matter anyway in a few hours it will all be over and what will we be left with? A whole lotta nothing. As a wise man once said...
"You can shit in one hand and wish in the other and see which one fills up quicker!" - Gumpy Old Men

Green 17, 18, 19, etc.....

June 25, 2008

This is going to be fun. It's just me Jonathan and the rest of the gang commenting on things the way we see em.

Teddy Ballgame

Teddy Ballgame
#9 on the field #1 in our hearts.