April 30, 2009

Get the F' Outta Here!

If the Bulls don't get it the Celtics want it more. Get the F' Outta Here! Peace and Frie Grease!

Van Every Day I Do

The Sox did it again the young guys pulled them out of a hole and fought back to get another late game win. Mainly Jonathan Van Every (who's not so young) hitting his first major league home run a blast in the 10th to put the Sox ahead. Honestly when guys like Van Every and Jeff Bailey are producing this early in the season things are going good. When the Vets like Tek and Lowell (13 game hit streak) are getting into the act it just isn't fair for opposing pitchers.
Honestly Cleveland how much more can you get beat down by the Sox. This is getting pathetic. And while I'm at it the Yanks have news break about A-Rod's steroid use spanning over a decade. Really A-Rod steroids in high school. This guy is officially the biggest fraud in the history of sports. Cashman has to be taking the Sox farm system successes the hardest. I mean who else can the Sox throw out there next that will perform and get them wins? Andy Dominique...Devern Hansack...Izzy Alcantara? What do you have Cashman Phil Hughes? Really is that it? Really?

April 28, 2009

What the frick?

Now either you really love the Yankees or someone is having a little fun at their expense with some facebook Ads. Now, I have always had a suspicion Jeter took it for the other team, but this proves it. The Yanks can't even get the copy on their advertisements right how do they expect to win another World Series in the next 100 years? Either way have fun fighting the Jays and Orioles for third place again. Who Rules? Sox Rule!
By the way Jason Bay better have that contract extension signed by the end of the day. There are no excuses Theo. Just do it.

April 27, 2009

Fathers Lock Up Your Daughters!

Look out because Ellsbury-mania is going to erupt. Good was there a girl in the crowd that didn't wet themselves or throw their undies onto the field last night. What a weekend for the Sox.
FYI - Yankees your just got a sweep closed out on your asses by the 2006-07 AA Portland Seadogs. It might be time to start earning your paychecks. With the win streak at 10 and the bats on fire, even without a Papi-jack yet, look out American League the Sox are on a mission.

Bull Sh!%

Game 4 wasn't a cake walk as expected, but the Celtics really let one get away. Or should I say the Refs had a hand in this one??? Why wasn't Miller ejected for throwing a shot at Big Baby for a hard foul? I didn't know instant replay could be used to benefit the home team. It was a hard fought game, but the Celtics just were not putting it together offensively in that second over-time. Pierce refused to acknowledge he wasn't having the game he had in game 3, and missed another huge foul shot. Bet the farm he has a huge game 5. He wasn't exactly getting any calls early on and really hasn't been getting anything Lebron, Kobe, or Derick Rose would all series long. Ray Allen should have kept getting the damn ball. Rajon should have taken it to the rack at the end of the first OT and the game would have been in the C's pocket. Instead the Bulls got back in this thing. Overall the Celtics are looking at having to win 2 out-of 3 and that ain't bad. I like their chances having two at the Gahden. The Green will be out in the 6th man full force no doubt. Will the Celtics finally put together a complete performance? We'll see.

Teddy Ballgame

Teddy Ballgame
#9 on the field #1 in our hearts.