April 2, 2009

RAY Don't Hurt Em'

Ray Allen did it again last night taking down the, pesky potential 8 seed, Charlotte Bobcats in the second OT with a clutch three to win it. Is there any question this guy has been this season's Celtics MVP. His resurgance since last year's playoff run has carried the over this entire season. When the Celtics need a big shot Ray is the man by far I want with the ball other than The Truth.
Ray's play this year has reminded me of Mike Lowell's 2007 performance. The old grizzled vet, who everyone says is too old, gets the job done consistently over the season. Hopefully Ray isn't just looking for a contract and doesn't have hip problems like Lowell. I personally don't think he is by any means done. With a shot like his he could be like a Reggie Miller for the rest of his career. The thing is he hasn't stopped taking it to the rack yet. For a 33 year old he is proving the NBA age theories wrong. His stats are up in almost every category especially minutes. Doc has needed to lean on him over this injury stretch and Ray has carried himself brilliantly. I only worry that he may need some rest in the final few games.

I always liked this guy even when he played for other teams. He is a throw back player fundamentally strong, great work ethic, and classy. This year he is proving to be the Celtic's team MVP. Hopefully he can keep the magic going into the playoffs because the C's will need his minutes and scoring the way the injury bug has been hounding the team. Bring on the playoffs!

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Teddy Ballgame

Teddy Ballgame
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