March 31, 2009

Shut 'em Down

Doc has announced that the Celtics will be shutting down K.G. which is a smart decision since the Celtics are a sure lock for the playoffs and they sure as hell are not catching the Cavs. Let Lebron and his posse keep rolling in meaningless regular season games while the C's rest the troops for another post-season run. Really I'm more concerned about Leon Powe getting healthy then K.G. Right now K.G. is like a starving caged tiger that's trainer has been taunting with fresh meat. That fresh meat is the gold ball and K.G. hasn't fed that hunger fully just yet. Nobody wants to be on the court more than K.G. and you can bet you bottom dollar that knee will be as healthy as Paul Pierces was against the Cavs in last year's Eastern Conference Finals "wheel chair" game.

The Celtics haven't really played that well and have been winning. Even the games they haven't won or played that well in they have fought back like the Magic game two Sunday's ago. The chemistry has been off since Marbury came on board, K.G. went down, and Powe's injury. Hopefully Doc and Danny got together and figured out getting the team healthy will be alot more beneficial then having home court come playoff time. Potential match ups NY, Charlotte, or Indiana are not taking down this Celtics team and that's without a healthy K.G. Chicago might be crafty enough to win a couple against the C's but they are not taking down this Celtics team at

the Garden. No way. No how. Hopefully the rest is a calculated risk, which I believe it is on the part of Doc and Danny. While they're at it I hope they don't forget to give Paul, Rondo, and especially a heavily played Sugar Ray. The only things that can stop the C's in my opinion are injuries or the Cavs. Hopefully neither come in their way to Green 18. How nice does that sound?

Hopefully we'll be seeing the "Big" picture again in 2009...

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Teddy Ballgame

Teddy Ballgame
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