September 15, 2009

Just Like Old Times

Granted last night was over hyped as a Pats blow out we as Pats fans certainly got our money's worth with that game. I don't know how many drives the Pats stalled on inside their own 20, but when the chips were on the table they didn't fold.
The defense especially surprised me after a dismal first half where they couldn't stop the run, lost Mayo, and made Fred Jackson look like Marsahll Faulk circa 1999. Now the loss of Mayo could have broken some teams, but not this young squad. They maned up and didn't take the loss of their defensive captain as and excuse to let the Bills walk all over them in the second half. The play of Guyton, Adalius Thomas, and Merriweather especially, got my attention. We saw a fast Pats d that maybe wasn't as experienced as it was last year or prepared, but they made up for their lack of experience by hitting the ever-loving crap out of the Bills in the fourth quarter. Shout out to Bodden for his monster hit. This team will give up points, but they showed they are capable of the bend don't break motto that had been lost over the past few years.
Now onto the offense. God Damn, was it good to see #12 out there slinging bebes. Tommy got off to a shaky start where the receivers essentially could catch swine flu if they tried. After the Bills piled on a Aaron Schobel td the Pats could have easily given in and called it a night. They certainly were not winning with the offense they showed in the first half. Come the second half though Tommy got comfortable as did Welker. Moss had a huge game and broke some ankles on his huge catch in the fourth. Ben Watson the quintessential goat of many games past finally made a big catch. But, we have always known he makes the impossible ones it's just the easy ones he seems to have a hard time hauling in. I have to say that is one of the best catches I've seen a TE make since Benny retired and that's saying something.
Overall the Pats didn't play perfect football, but they played Patriots football when it mattered. They kept themselves in it long enough to win and got a few breaks along the way, thanks Leodis! Either way 1-0 beats 0-1 and I'll take the win. As for you Susie Colber recognize a stud when you see one and don't try so hard. Jesus you'd think she was chasing Ben Roethlisburger for Christ sakes. Get with the times honey, Brady isn't even taking a second to talk to Erin Andrews if she's in a whipped cream bikini let alone your cougar ass.

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Teddy Ballgame

Teddy Ballgame
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