September 16, 2009

Talk is Cheap Mother F'er

So Rex Ryan can't keep Brady or Belichick's names out of his mouth. Apparently this fat toad wants to go toe to toe with the Pats and their fans.
Now dude I've heard some backhanded comments, but have a damn backbone you worm. If you're going to fire up your fans with a pathetic voice mail don't defend your back peddling comments about the Pats having the better coach and QB. Believe me the Pats been looking for bulletin board material and you've already supplied them with a year's worth of motivational fodder. Have you not learned anything from the past Fuck up Mangina? Don't give the hooded one a reason to motivate. He doesn't need it he wakes up and pisses excellence and craps Lombardi trophy's, guy your in for it.
I pity you Rex Ryan and you better bring that hay maker your father was famous for when the pain comes raining down on you and your joke of a franchise. Mark Sanchez? Please that Dirty Sanchez can't hold Giselle's g string let alone Tommy's jock when it comes to poise and execution on the gridiron. They say the cream rises to the top, but in your case it goes straight to your fat ass pal.

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Teddy Ballgame

Teddy Ballgame
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