September 8, 2009

Give Em DICK?

The PATS are who WE THOUGHT THEY WERE! They cut Dick less than a week away from the season opener. Pats fans are left to blindly agree with the move. Well I say WTF! Dick was a cog on the D and with the move to the 4-3 is there a more valuable piece to the defense then Dick? The guy can play the end of the tackle position flawlessly. As we have always knows the worth of Dick hasn't always shown on the stat sheet at the end of the day, but you'd be damned if he didn't dictate the way offenses played the Pats.
Will a top 5 first round pick be good for the Pats in the long run? Yes! Does it improve the team yes. But, as a fan it hurts to see Big Dick go. Especially to the franchise the "Tuck Rule" (and Jermaine Wiggins) single-handily dismantled. Losing Bruschi and Dick in the same year will test my loyalty to the uncle Bobby and the Hooded One. No matter what the front office does you have to blindly follow the flag and agree to every move. Well I don't agree with this one. Especially since the college crop doesn't seem all that staggering for 2011. Maybe it is too early to evaluate this one, but my current thoughts are of fury.
I guess Tommy and Moss will have to take away the pain with a 90 yard bomb against the Bills to open the season. It is so tough being a Pats fan. BooHoo! I guess I'll have to get rid of my anger like a true NFL coach would and take it out on a microphone, camera, or podium.

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Teddy Ballgame

Teddy Ballgame
#9 on the field #1 in our hearts.