June 10, 2009

It Takes Two To Make It Outta Sight

Does it get any better than the last couple weeks of Beckett and Lester? I mean the Sox have had some dangerous pitching duos in the past most notably Pedro/Schilling, but never have I seen two guys dominate and go out there and perform the way they should every start no matter the opponent. These guys actually bring it harder the tougher the lineup.
Sure it was a shaky start to April for both, but as the mercury has risen so have the strike outs and shutout innings. It seems like the last few starts for each guy you can count on a possible no-no or 20 K performance. I mean is it possible to have two Aces? As Sox fans we need to count our lucky stars that the days of loading up on over-the-hill sluggers is over and the front office has caught on to the "pitching wins championships" theory. I mean I used to be jealous that the Yankees had the Clemens, Pettite, Cone, Wells, etc. during their big runs. Why couldn't the Sox do that. It was obvious then and has now become the reality that the Sox have become the premier franchise in baseball. With the likes of Beckett and Lester and the emergence of Masterson, Bard, and Bowden the future looks bright. I'm just basking in the dominant sunshine that is the Sox rotation right now.
Bottom Line the Sox have too much pitching and you can't beat the Balls on the duo of Beckett and Lester. Sorry C.C. Sabathia and Burnett ain't cutting it Cashman try and explain it to your headwarmer.

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Teddy Ballgame

Teddy Ballgame
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