June 26, 2009

This is Big MJ Big

I've been waiting for something to write about for the past couple weeks. Something big. Something really really big. Ed McMahon was big, but MJ's death is HUGE! This guy made Pop music. Not the watered down bastardized stuff you hear pumped out month after month these days but real relevant POP. If you needed a really huge huge hit in the 80's and early 90's then MJ was your man. I mean was there a more polarizing icon from the 80's and early 90's bigger than Michael Jackson? You'd be kidding yourself if you thought anyone was bigger. Unfortunately the pressure of fame took some of his best years from us.
It will be hard to explain to my kids how big MJ was. I guess it wasn't easy for my dad to explain the Beatles to me, but I somehow got it with MJ. The guy was huge, young boys aside. In honor of MJ's passing I'm just going to bring the noise the beautiful beautiful noise. Here are some of my all time favorite MJ hits.

Dirty DiAnna! - Enough said.

They Don't Care About Us - Great Drums!
Underrated 90's MJ. This song could have caused a social uprising in America. Unfortunately politically correct uptight pricks put the heat on MJ for the controversial lyrics.

Smooth Criminal - Had it's own movie and video game. Which I watched and played religiously. Nice work by Joe Pesci too.

Billie Jean - is probably MJ's most memorable video other than Thriller or Beat It. You have to love the glowing sidewalks squares. This is what every music video producer hopes to attain just once in their career a flawless video.

Shout out to BAD , Wesley Snipes, and the dude on the roller skates. This video just speaks to the awesome level MJ took video choreography to. You know you wish you had half the dance moves.

Another great video and song, for that matter, to get people dancing is The Way You Make Me Feel. I mean you put this on and panties drop period.


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Teddy Ballgame
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