May 22, 2009

Don't You Quit On Me

With all the wild talk about Papi's slump lately the focus has been taken off last year's hot topic of Tek's lack of offense. Well hows he doing this year? Guy's already halfway to his home run total of 13 dingers and his slugging is leading the Sox. The leadership and presence behind the plate has never dwindled apart from keeping guys from stealing, but he's never had a cannon.

So what is the reason for his resurgence? Roids, HGH, or Maybe tapping this helps. Either way if you quited on the Captain you can't get back on the wagon. I'll go further to say if you quit on Papi you should be stripped of your fan hood. In this day and age you can't count on too many athletes to stick with one team for the majority of their career and the thought of Tek anywhere else was scary. Does he scare the hell out of me when he hits lefty with a runner on first? Yes Will he kill the Sox playing 70-90 games this year? No

Bottom line is that these guys are human and maybe they go through some tough times. As fans we sometimes forget this. Why did Tek's numbers suffer I do not know. But, as we all know divorces can be messy. Especially when you are taggin a woman half your ex-wife's age that looks like she could be living in the mansion with Hef. Man if only my slump busters were that sweet back in the day. Don't you agree Mr. Giambi?

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Teddy Ballgame

Teddy Ballgame
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