September 25, 2008

Say it ain't so Troy. Well I wished it wasn't.

Patriots WR Troy Brown announced his official retirement today from the NFL.  I kind of wished he would suite up next weekend.  This team could use a leader like him on offense with Brady out.  He would fit in nicely with the short passing game the Pats will ahve to run with Cassel.  He is a huge part of the Patriots dynasty and will be remembered as a great guy and hell of a playmaker.  His career accomplishments include: 
During his emotion filled press conference today he announced his retirement.  He also said he had an opportunity to go over to the Jets, but stayed faithful to the Patriot red, white, and blue.
"I had the opportunity to do it, but it didn't feel right," he said of the chance to sign with the Jets, saying he didn't like the look of green and white." - Mike Reiss

He truly optimizes what the Patriot mentality is.  He was a team player who made big plays.  He was a true team player.  He always shied away from the praise that came along with winning.  He wasn't the best player on the field but he always made the most of his ability and seemingly always made the plays the Pats needed in big games.  

Here are some of Belichicks favorite moments from Troy's career:

  •  The Super Bowl against Carolina, when he had a big catch on first-and-20 to set up Adam Vinatieri's winning kick.
  •  The Snow Game against the Raiders, and how his punt return set up Vinatieri's big kick.
  •  His TD catch from David Patten against the Colts.
  •  His TD catch to beat Miami in overtime -- "one of his biggest catches, 81 yards."
  •  A 2006 game against the Packers in which Brown, playing defensive back, held Donald Driver to one catch.

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    Teddy Ballgame
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