September 29, 2008

Time to put on your Big Boy pants.

Soxtober is upon us and the Sox roster is shaping up. Though the Sox don't have to report their roster until tomorrow by midnight. The injury to Beckett on Friday concerns me, but Lester has been the guy all year and Beckett never fully got back to "I'm going to pound the strike zone and there's nothing you can do about it." level by seasons end.

Ideally, I would have liked Beckett in game one due to his post-season record and sheer dominance then having Dice go game two on the road and Lester pitch in the comfortable confines of Fenway where he has dominated. (Lester is 11-1 in 17 Fenway starts with a 2.49 ERA. Matsuzaka is 9-0 in 13 road starts with a 2.37 ERA.) I know Lester did pitch well in last year's postseason run, winning game four to take the series from the Rocks, but there will be a ton of pressure flying over to Anaheim and pitching against that lineup. Hopefully he can step up and accept the challenge of being the ace. I think he just may. Glad the Johan trade didnt' go through now Right???

As for Dice he needs to be more aggressive with the fastball and get ahead in counts. This walking 6 and getting outs win men on isn't gonna fly in the post-season. If he can get first pitch strikes he's a better bet to win game two. He has done this although not consistently through out his career. Ultimately it will be up to the pitching staff this year to win another title. If they beat the Halos I know I will feel a lot better. I see the series going to 5 hopefully the Sox don't waste all their bullets getting to the winner of the Rays vs. Pale Hoes/ Twins (we'll see today). I like their chances and I'm ready to devote myself to a month of Soxtober.

So put the women and children to bed it is time for the Big Boys to shine. Shine up your brass boys because it won't be as easy as last year on the left coast. Sox in a tough 5! Cue the Music...This one's for Teeeeeeeeeeeeeeedy Balllllllllllllllgame!

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Teddy Ballgame

Teddy Ballgame
#9 on the field #1 in our hearts.