October 1, 2008

California Dreamin.

ALDS Game one looms over the nations collective head today. In a little less than 12 hours the Sox will hand the ball to John Lester and let their play do the talking. Will Drew or Lowell start? Who knows. Personally I think Drew starts and maybe sucks it up and pretends he has a pair. Lowell explained his injury as "fine while he's sitting on the couch" so I don't expect to see him flashing the glove too much in this series.

This bring up a big debate do you DH Lowell start Papi at first and move Youk to third. This severely downgrades your defense against an aggressive Angles club. I say you save Lowell to pinch hit in a big spot if you need him get him some rest. DH Papi where he is most at home and start "The Mayor" at first. What? you say. The MAYOR? Avid blogger Sean Casey? Yes, what has he done not to get the nod at first. Look at his numbers in almost 200 at bats this year:

2008 STATS
.322 0 17 .381 .392

Granted he's not hitting for power and is by no means a burner on the base paths, but the guy is a solid gap hitter and he knows how to get on base. Look at his post-season numbers if you need anymore proof:

3 Postseason Series w/ Detroit Tigers in 2006 - Team Record: 2-1 Games: 10 AB:37 Runs: 3 Hits: 16 2b's: 5 Hr's: 2 RBI's:9 Walsk: 1 K's: 2 Avg: .432 OBS: .447 Slug: .730

I say he's a better impact player than Drew will be in this series. If you're counting on Nancy to hit another grand slam it ain't gonna happen. He's been getting a pass for hitting one huge home run, but what has he done this year since his unreal July? Sat on the bench nursing his sore back. Maybe he is more seriously injured so why waste his bat in the lineup. I saw start Bay, Ellsy, and CoCo and use Drew when he feels he can contribute. It would be good to have his lefty bat and Lowell's righty bat off the bench.

We will, We will, Rock You Anaheim it just won't feel right without Manny kicking your cans all over the place...

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Teddy Ballgame
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