October 2, 2008

Living After Midnite! Rocking till the Dawn!

Watch out Anaheim you just got Jacked UP! John Lester man I knew he would come out and grind, but he was straight grooving last night. The first inning was the only inning where he really had any total lack of control, but once the nerves settled Lester decided he belonged. Not even a costly error in the 3rd by Lowrie shook him. He did what an Ace does and picked up his teammate.

(Man-crush Alert) have really enjoyed watching this kid blossom because it hasn't happened really since Clemens. Not counting Paps, who didn't pitch too bad himself last night fanning three to seal the V. When was the last time the Sox farm system produced a stud starter and a lefty at that.
Did I expect Lester to take over the ACE roll? I'm not going to lie I didn't feel 100% about yesterday. Today I'm a total believer this kid is poised and I hate to say it reminds me of Clemens. He is stronger than he looks and has actually put on a significant amount of muscle just over the year. Buck Martinez, annoying voice with great insight, said it best Lester gets stronger as the game goes on. Last year he would gas out in that sixth inning this year he gets some big outs with the Angles able to do little to stop his dominance. Do I feel confident about him taking the hill in a big spot again? You bet your fun loving ass I do! Ohh and we have Dice in game 2 and then Dunh Dunh Dunh Beckett in game 3. If the Angles don't win Friday night against Dice they have NO Chance! No Chance in Hell!
What the hell happened to Vlad Guerro and why didn't Scioscia pinch run for him in that spot. I thought this was an agressive team. The guy runs like Robo Cop running on a couple of AA batteries. Huge play by Youk (horrible human being), but that is some bad judgement by a franchise player.
On a TBS note:
What the hell does Craig Sager know about baseball. Shouldn't he be hanging with Chuck Barkley at the Mirage in Vegas this time of year? Where the hell was Jose Mota, quite possibly the funniest sideline reporter my eyes have ever beheld. TBS we need him butchering names and coach interviews between innings. It is the least you can do for the 10 p.m. start. I can't say how much a loss would have hurt after watching that game until 1:30 a.m. eastern time.
Manny being Manny:
Lastly Manny is playing his ass off for L.A. and Joe Torre glad the Sox gave him away and paid for him to mash for the Dodgers in the playoffs. Jason Bay's heroics are the only thing weening me off not seeing Manny admire a 475 foot bomb in the Cali air. Cubs fans I feel for you hang in there Really. Don't jump.

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Teddy Ballgame

Teddy Ballgame
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