September 17, 2008

King Kong ain't got Sh*t on Me!

Sox lost a real battle last night. Beckett showed he's already in post season form going 8 strong and only giving up one run. Masterson gave up the walk off hit to Dionar Navarro (I'm really starting to hate this guy. In a hate Posada type of way.) I really can't blame the kid I mean the Sox have used him heavily down the stretch here and he just made a bad pitch on the game winner. He'll still be a weapon against any team other than the Rays who he just struggles against; probably due to the over exposure of the Rays being in our division. Mike Lowell looked done after his last at bat in which he smoked a liner to left. He aggravated it on a bare-handed play late in the game. This guy has some rather large stones to be playing with that pain. I hope he can gut it out but fromt he looks of the way he was limping it off the field last night Cortozone isn't going to be enough.

Perhaps the best news of the day was bringing back King Theo for a few more years of dominance. The front office has to be the most important part of the new age Red Sox they are young and do a great job of scouting and placing value on guys. Can't say Theo hasn't missed on a couple guys, but he hit on a lot more. As a fan you gotta love the way Theo teams have been able to make it to the post-season:

Since taking over the Sox, his teams have made the postseason four times -- 2003, 2004, 2005, 2007 -- and are headed for a fifth trip this season. - Dan Roche WBZTV
He is the G.M. who I would most like to have a beer with that's for sure. He loves Pearl Jam and Pearl Jam loves Theo. Plus the guy looks real good holding a trophy.

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Teddy Ballgame

Teddy Ballgame
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