October 6, 2008

Lackey v. Lester II

It is kind of hard to be pissed about last night's game. It was a tough game. The fact is the Sox had no business being in that game. The Angels were being "The Angels" early in the game by muffing a week pop-up turning it into a three run single. The Sox showed the pen is strong and just couldn't get the big hit they needed even though the Halos gave them ample 2 out runners on opportunities. As for the Napoli homers..."The Wall giveth. The Wall taketh away." The Monster can change a game and it certainly did last night. I'm not too worried about Mike Napoli.

I have no doubts that tonight will be a different story. Did the Sox give the Halos some momentum? Yes! Have no fear though that Lester will step it up as Beckett (looked rusty and out of shape) failed to do last night. Tonight would be a great time for Pedroia to break out of his playoff slump and also a great night to get Lowell some rest. Will the Mayor get some playing time??? I think it would be a great lift to have him in there tonight to give the team a spark. The Halos stole some momentum last night hopefully the Sox can right the course and get back on track.
With Lester on the hill things should return to normal for the Halos pathetic offense. The Sox offense probably needed this extra game to get Papi and Pedroia going, because you want to be sharp against the Rays, or even the Pale Hoes. Hopefully I can stay up to watch the end of this one.

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Teddy Ballgame

Teddy Ballgame
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