October 16, 2008

De Ja Vu All Over Again

I'm ready for the Sox to take on the Rays tonight in a do or die game with Dice K on the mound. I know Tek is ready after reading this. I know the Sox are ready after nearly ever player was at today's "Optional" practice. They are going to leave it all out there for however many games it takes. I know this team and they won't quit.
While the Rays decided to take a day off yesterday and to move up Kazmir to tonight. Why? Why would Maddon change his rotation when he has the Sox down for the count? He's scared of the Sox. He knows his rookie team can't keep up the hitting and doesn't want Kaz to throw against the sleeping giant that is the Sox offense in a pivotal game 6 (if necessary). They threw out some excuse that Kaz has a history against the game 6 umpire, but why would you worry about game six when all you need is game 5? You're scared Maddon. You're very very scared of what could happen to your young, cocky, overconfident squad. You've seen the Sox come back form the dead last year. You know what is coming. Just take it like a man.
basically the message tonight for the Rays from Tek and the Sox is...


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Teddy Ballgame

Teddy Ballgame
#9 on the field #1 in our hearts.