November 13, 2008

Pats vs. Bills was like old times

My pops scored a couple tickets to the Pats vs. Bills last Sunday and what a day it was. My buddies also made it on an ourticketsandtours bus trip and we caught up with them for some adult beverages before hand. Needless to say there were some great sights other than the Pats owning the clock on offense for the majority of the game.

I was lucky enough to see the greatest throw-back Pats jersey combo ever i.e. Bledsoe/Meggett mint condition. There were a ton of great comments about tossing and receiving. Many of which I do not wish to post online. Yes even I have a bit of humility and good taste.

After playing 300 level seat survivor my dad and I decided to try to see my buddy and his dad in their season tickets section in front of the mega-tron and Mickey D's. We ended up seeing this Bills waterboy 16 rows back from the end zone. Classic! Then after the game I got to meet up with Shoe one half of the BigJab 96.3 morning show. There were numerous Bob Kraft impression requests and surmising the Pats stand at Indy in 2003 where McGinest blew a hammy for an injury timeout and on the very same goal line stand stuffed Edgerin James with the help of Mt. Ted Washington's arm.

Lastly if anyone follows the Stool I ran into "Big Daddy Smooth" and gave him the cut throat sign yes he was wearing the tri-jersey. Guys becoming a straight up legend.
Pats are looking really good with BJ G-Ellis running the ball. He fits the system, hits the holes, and finishes off runs. I'm sure Belichick is sticking with him the rest of the way. Casselhof is quietly proving all the critics wrong. This week they say he doesn't have the experience of playing on short rest against the Jets. Well, I guess we will have to see how he matches up against their pass D with the new addition of Ty Law. Speaking of secondaries the Pats shut down Lee Evans who is averaging like 20 yards-per-catch and a td in every game this season. They may not have the experience hard hitter Rodney back there but they def are quick with Sanders and Merriweather. Looking forward to tonights game and seeing Favre throw 4 picks to hand the Pats a victory.

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Teddy Ballgame

Teddy Ballgame
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