July 23, 2008

West SYDE!

Sox have taken the road woes to the left coast. The West Side has always been tough on the Sox during the regular season due to travel and jet lag. No worries we all know how it goes when the playoff Sox take it to the laid back Cali teams (see picture to jog your memory). Coming back at a 3-3 .500 is all you can ask after getting swept in Anaheim and taking the last two from the Mariners. It also doesn't help matters that the Yanks are coming to town on a roll this weekend winners of their last five and then the Halos come back to beantown fresh off sweeping the Sox in their last three games. These two series are going to be huge because the Sox have to make a statement against both teams for the postseason. They have to put the Yanks in their place and cool their resurgence and let the Angles know they are still the team to beat in the AL. These are both attainable goals as long as the Sox keep playing solid defense, get 6-7 solid innings from the starters, and Manny (keeps his yapper shut so the media can't stir up anymore dirt) stays magma hot.

The middle innings pitching has been a concern and the trade deadline looms, but I don't see the Sox making a big move after last year's Gagne debacle. They will probably test some of the young guys Hansen, Mastersen, and maybe Bowden to fill that need. Theo may see a guy like Demaso Marte of the Pirates as a good pick-up, but the Pirates will likely want too much in return. Brian Fuentes has been another rumored reliever to land on the Sox, but the Rox want Bucholz plus some draft chips, not happening. I see it as a positive that the only big question mark the Sox have is fixable. At this point in the season someone could emerge like Delcarmen Okajima and right his troubles. With names/ arms like that I see Theo being content to play it out with what we have and count Papi as the big shot in the arm for the playoff push. While it is still early the Sox could use some padding on the Yanks in the AL East standings.

These next two series could be big for the Sox momentum and I see August as an easy month which includes series with the tanking A's, K.C, Pale Hoes, Rangers, Jay's, O's, Jays, Yanks, and White Sox. Looks to be at least a 5-10 game win streak in there and should be a month where the Sox win at least 75% of those games. It seems like the Sox should be able to catch the Rays easily and take 1st back. The Yanks need to be put away and all will be well in Beantown. Remember the days where you would dread the August swoon of the Sox or the September slide? Like clock work they would blow some easy games and have to scrounge up some tough wins in the Brox in late summer.

Here's to seeing the Sox in the playoffs. Wake me when it all begins.

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Teddy Ballgame

Teddy Ballgame
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