July 24, 2008

E.C.W. Honarable Mentions

Here are some honarable mentions that didn't make it into my ECW top 10. I also have to mention those who didn't even make this column. Shane Douglas, Raven, Too Cold Scorpio, Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko, Mike Awesome, Referee John Finnigan, and all the others who made ECW a unique experience for wrestling fans. Anyway here are 5 honarable mentions.

5) Balls Mahoney and Axl Rotten
You had to love ECW because of guys like Balls Mahoney and Axl Rotten. Absolute hack wrestlers along the lines of Repo Man who just knew how to brawl and take punishmnet. I always loved how Balls would give someone the ten punch and the crowd would shout "BALLS, BALLS" with every punch.
Balls n Axl vs. The Baldies (New Jack steals the show)

Shout out to Axl's brother Ian Rotten.


4)The B.W.O (Blue World Order) Stevie Richards, The Blue Meanie, & Super Nova
Stevie and the Blue Meanie took their shtick to new heights with the B.W.O they were great comic relief. Plus making fun of the whole N.W.O thing was priceless.

B.W.O as Kiss (Enter The SANDman!)

3) Joel GERTner
While most ring men Howard Finkle etc. were purley voices. Joel Gertner took ring hype to a new level. "The Quintessential Stub Muffin"

Best of GERTner!

2)Francine vs. Beulah
They originated catfights or at least the wrestling tradition of catfights. Men everywhere will forever owe them.


Dreamer Pie Driver

1) Joey Styles
One man color commentary and play by play. One key phrase "OH MY GOD!" ECW didn't mean more to anyone then styles. If you watched ECW you had to love his work.

Scaffold Match OMG

Styles "Cat Fight!"

One night Stand

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Teddy Ballgame
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