July 24, 2008

The Ass Kicking Tour Begins

The Patriots are back in camp and all their 2008 Draftees are signed. Mayo signed today which is great news because he will need all the time he can get to learn Belichick's bible.

There is a lot riding on this year for the Pats in order to shut up the haters and regain the (Belichick) Lombari trophy. I'm going to have to say this year will be better than last year due to the fact the Pats are going to be underestimated. How are they underestimated you say after going 16-0 in the regular season? Well from what people tell me they lost in the Super Bowl. Apparently I have no recolection of the date of 2/3/08.

My reasoning is based on the fact that the following has happened:

  1. the NFL and Roger G slapped them in the face,
  2. A fat bastard at the local papers spread lies about them,
  3. A Senator got his rocks off chasing a white whale and
  4. The Giants and New York in general have been taunting the Pats

Now this is a team that thrives on motivation and disrespect. Just ask Rodney Harrison how he's been disrespected and doubted his whole life. You don't want to doubt the Pats because they will beat it into you that they are the best franchise in the history of the NFL. Plus Brady is talking about feeling 21 again. Now I remember what 21 felt like and believe me your balls are about as big as they can be at 21. You think Brady forced passes into Moss into double and triple man coverage, well get ready for him to start punting balls to Moss with his dick. Just listen to "The Man"

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Teddy Ballgame

Teddy Ballgame
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