August 27, 2008

Sox Notes

Sox beat the Yankees in the first of the final three fare well (rot in hell) to "the house that Ruth built (and Ortiz destroyed)" Yankee Stadium. Watched a fair amount of the game and seemed like the Sox got just enough from Wake and the bullpen to get past the Yanks. Masterson came up HUGE and got A-Rod to ground-out with bases juiced. A-Rod didn't help the Yanks case any wasting the bases loaded opportunity to tie it up and botching a Jeff Bailey squib at third, but does he ever do anything against the Sox. Man do the Yanks fans boo the s out of him. I don't think any Sox player has gotten such a rouse as A-Rod did out of the Yankee faithful.
Sox also had homers from Ortiz and Youk (horrible guy in person).
  • Josh Beckett threw a side session, and is on target to pitch Friday. YES!

  • And the Rays lost at home to the Blue Jays. Yeaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! (in a Howard Dean screech)

  • Mark Kotsay is on his way along with his .289 average, six homers, and 37 RBI. Not sure how he's been this year defensively, due to injuries, but he always has been able to flash the leather. Seems like a good fit for this Sox team as well. O.K. O.K.

  • And Ortiz is dropping knowledge: "That's how we roll here," David Ortiz said. "We don't panic here. You hit the panic button, you just get worse. Right? Right."

  • The Yankees can finish this series no closer than four games in the wild-card race, with just a month left to play. Even if they win the final two, their hopes cannot be very high. WOW!

  • Big ups to Coco (Arn't you glad he wasn't shipped out now?), Jed, and the rest of the bottom of the order for cleaning up Yankee pitching. This is an interesting Sox team to watch that's for sure.

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Teddy Ballgame

Teddy Ballgame
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