July 31, 2008

Manny being Manny

It is that time of year again. Where the weather in New England gets sticky. The pennant races start to get interesting, and Manny goes awol for a month or two during huge games (Yanks, Angles, etc.) As a Sox fan you have to admire the fact that the Sox have not traded Manny after basically every year he pulls some kind of stunt or says something to try and get traded. Now he is claiming he is getting run out of town by the front office. Maybe he is, but this is not a Pedro or Nomar situation here. Manny is making $20 mil to play a kid's game. The fans love him, especially myself, to a fault and all we care about is Manny's 30 dingers and 100+ Ribbies.

I actually liked the whole pissing in the Monster in between pitching changes, horrible fielding, and "I don't believe in no curses. You make your own destination." (after the 2004 World Series) quote. Heck you had to love seeing Manny look like a bag of brown on a routine liner and then snag a wall-ball in a 2 run game to save the day. I don't mind the antics, but complaining about being a martyr. Come ON! Dude play the game you're not going anywhere and the Sox are handcuffed to keep you on staff. A Jason Bay is not going to make it here. They would be stupid not to pick up the option next year and at least get 3-4 prospects and a major leaguer in return. You really can't replace him in the lineup. Who protects Papi? Lowell? Drew? Youk?

It boils down to the front office eating their pride and Manny shutting up and playing ball for at the least one more year in a Sox uni. You can't seriously contend with Manny not in the lineup. Yes, I know the act has run its course and even the fans are turning on Manny now, but people when your as good as Manny it is ok to be a space cadet. It is what makes him a great hitter he can doze off for a week and come back and hit .667 for a month.
You certainly can't match his post season credentials:
Manny ranks in the top ten all-time in 12 different postseason batting statistics:
Games - 95 - T 7th w/ Kenny Lofton
At Bats - 353 - 6th
Runs - 55 - T 5th w/ David Justice
Hits - 95 - 5th
Total Bases - 181 - 3rd
Home Runs - 24 - 1st
Runs Batted In - 64 - 2nd
Bases on Balls - 59 - 4th
Strikeouts - 81 - 3rd
Singles - 57 - 7th
Extra Base Hits - 38 - 3rd
Times On Base - 159 - 4th

As pissed as I am about the whole Manny being traded thing I'm still more interested in seeing another trophy in October. This is bigger than all of us can comprehend. So just let it lie.

Great moments in "Manny being Manny"

Birfday Cake

Drinks at Manny's

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“Hi, I’m Manny Ramirez. I bought this AMAZING grill...”

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